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HPE Discovers Docker, Expands Helion and OneView Platforms

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) today kicked off its Discover conference with new infrastructure offerings that include an updated Helion cloud stack, OneView management platform and Docker integration.

On the Docker front, HPE announced a strategic alliance with Docker, Inc in the form of the Docker Ready Server program, which certifies that theDocker HPE Docker Engine is installed and supported on HPE servers.

"This enables customers to create distributed applications that are portable across any infrastructure, and to take advantage of the benefits of containerization while leveraging their existing systems and process investments," David Messina, vice president of marketing at Docker, said in a statement.

The HPE servers that will be supported under the Docker Ready Server program include the HPE ProLiant, HPE Apollo and HPE Cloudline servers as well as the HPE Synergy, HPE BladeSystem and HPE Converged Systems.

Docker itself is most often run on Linux and to that end it is now being fully supported on HPE Linux.

Availability of the new Docker Ready Server is expected by the fourth quarter of 2016. Docker CEO Ben Golub joined HPE CEO Meg Whitman on stage at the Discover conference to make the announcement.

Helion Cloud and OneView Add Docker Engine Support Too

In addition to the Docker Engine support, HPE is also extending its Helion cloud and OneView management platforms, which now will also support Docker Engine.

Omri Gazitt, HPE’s VP of Engineering, Helion Platform, explained to ServerWatch that Helion Cloud Suite comes in three editions – Express, Premium, and Ultimate. The core scenarios for each are Infrastructure Automation, DevOps-ready Cloud, and Service Transformation, respectively.

"We’ve brought together all the IT Operations Management tools and capabilities into the suite and blended them into each edition, based on the scenarios we defined," Gazitt said.

HPE is also expanding its Platform as a Service (PaaS) platform with the Stackato 4.0 release, which provides an update to the Cloud Foundry (CF) based system.

"We have containerized the CF control plane so that Cloud Foundry runs in a much smaller footprint and is much easier to set up and manage," Gazitt said. "We have included a universal service broker that makes it very easy to add Enterprise data sources to the service catalog, as well as provide numerous connectors to data services such as AWS RDS, OpenStack Trove, etc. "

Gazitt added that Stackato 4.0 also includes the Helion Code Engine, a CI/CD pipeline for automating the build/test/deploy cycle.

"Finally, we have a developer and admin console that allows users to manage applications across all of the clusters they belong to, simplifying hybrid cloud deployments," Gazitt said.

For the new OneView 3.0 update, HPE is now providing a tighter integration with its IMC network management platform.

"The advantage of the integration is that now admins can focus on what they do best," Paul Miller, VP of Marketing, HPE Converged Data Center Infrastructure, told ServerWatch. "Network teams enable the right performance, security and services with the infrastructure administration faster and in-sync."

Sean Michael Kerner is a senior editor at ServerWatch and InternetNews.com. Follow him on Twitter @TechJournalist.

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This article was originally published on June 7, 2016
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