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Early Adopters Test New Supermicro Redundant UPS Module for Servers

Server technology company, Super Micro Computer (NASDAQ: SMCI), has unveiled its new patent pending redundant uninterruptable power supply (UPS) technology for mission-critical server and storage operation.

The PWS-1K03B-1R is a redundant battery backup UPS module contained in the same form factor as a Supermicro redundant AC power supply (76W x 360D x 40.4H mm).

According to Supermicro, this module is hot-swappable and fits Supermicro 1U/2U/3U/4U chassis providing high output power in 1200W/1.5min and 1000W/3min options. These can be implemented in 1+1+1 (2 AC modules + 1 UPS Module), 1+2 (1 AC + 2 UPS @ 2000W) or 2+2 (2 AC + 2 UPS @ 2000W) configurations. For Supermicro's 1U servers, the PWS-206B-1R (54.5W x 220D x 40H mm) provides UPS protection in 200W/5min and 100W/15min options.

The UPS battery backup modules are designed for high-availability, easy maintenance and are completely self-contained hot-swappable units, charging and delivering power through the internal connector. In the event of an AC power interrupt, reaction time of the module is real-time for the battery to take over and maintain load, providing time for failsafe switchover to an alternative power source or an orderly shutdown.

"Innovation and total server reliability drive product development at Supermicro," said Charles Liang, President and CEO of Supermicro. "Our new redundant, UPS modules strengthen Supermicro server and storage solutions with the most robust protection against power disruption, eliminating power delivery as a single point of failure. Using less than 1W at 99.9 percent power efficiency to maintain a full charge, we are lowering power consumption with a cost-effective infrastructure solution and saving our customers $2K/rack/year when compared to single-rack 20KVA online UPS systems running at 95 percent efficiency."

Incorporating the latest rechargeable Lithium-Ion cell technology, these modules features I2C/Smart battery monitoring through remote management and provide long-life durability with 500 full charge/discharge cycles.

This technology is suited for environments with AC reliability issues or in need of backup power solutions. Supermicro's servers configured with the redundant UPS feature provide maximum system protection for Enterprise and SMB server deployments running mission-critical HPC, cloud computing, data center and storage applications.

The PWS-206B-1R has been deployed to early adopter customers and Supermicro expects to  ramp to full production in February, with the PWS-1K03B-1R widely available around April 2012.

This article was originally published on January 25, 2012
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