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DH2i Targets SQL Server with Automated Load Balancing Tech

Fort Collins, Colo.-based DH2i today released DxConsole 2012R2 with an update that brings automated workload migration options — and significant cost savings — to the company's hypervisor-less application virtualization platform. A major part of the update is a new DxConsole load-balancing module called DxSRM that's aimed at Microsoft SQL Server environments.

DH2i CEO and co-founder Don Boxley tells ServerWatch that DxSRM enables administrators "to set performance thresholds — memory, CPU, network and bandwidth — and determine what should happen to a particular instance if a threshold is met." While DH2i always enabled drag-and-drop server resource reallocation, DxSRM adds automated monitoring, policy enforcement and movement of SQL Server instances without service interruptions, explains Boxley.

With DxConsole and the included DxSRM module, IT managers can effectively eliminate a sizable amount of manual configuration and management overhead associated with SQL Server sprawl, claims the startup. DxConsole allows IT managers to escape the popular yet "restrictive deployment model" that is predicated on "the one instance per host" template of SQL Server deployments, says Boxley.

"A host is a host to us," he states. DxConsole also lets SQL Server shops "stack those instances and get the most out of their infrastructures," he adds.

DxConsole can now automatically redirect SQL Server instances to servers with the lightest workloads when sudden spikes in demand necessitate a rebalancing of processing power. With DxSRM's instance-level management intelligence, organizations can now set policies that align more closely with business objectives, says the company.

Significant Cost Savings Possible with DxConsole 2012R2

All told, the performance, productivity and resource utilization gains can add up to significant cost savings — over 50 percent — according to DH2i.

Another DxSRM benefit with DxConsole 2012R2 is that it can "help customers unlock the power of the cloud," says Boxley.

Not only can DxConsole serve as a foundational piece of "an on-premises SQL server cloud," it gives IT execs a new way of thinking about the economics of high availability (HA) and contracting with cloud computing providers like Amazon and Rackspace. And, hints Boxely, "They can be my failover target."

DH2i DxConsole 2012R2 featuring DxSRM is available now, with pricing set at $10,000 per CPU.

Pedro Hernandez is a contributing editor at InternetNews.com, the news service of the IT Business Edge Network, the network for technology professionals. Follow him on Twitter @ecoINSITE.

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This article was originally published on September 24, 2012
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