June 22, 2018

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Intel CEO Brian Krzanich Resigns - 06/21/2018
HPE Doubles Down on Intelligent Edge, Hybrid Cloud and ARM at Discover 2018 - 06/20/2018
What Is the Intersection of OpenStack and Kubernetes? - 06/19/2018
How Docker Is Helping to Save The World (Literally) - 06/14/2018
Docker Defines Itself as the Open Choice for Containers at DockerCon 18 - 06/13/2018
IBM Unveils Summit, the World's Fastest Supercomputer (For Now) - 06/08/2018
2018 Is a Record Year for the Global Server Market (So Far) - 06/06/2018
Linux 4.17 Arrives with New Kernel Memory Consistency Module - 06/04/2018
CNCF Set to Expand Cloud-Native Project Roster with Container Registry - 05/31/2018
Windocks Addresses the Container Conundrum for Windows Server Users - 05/31/2018
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Grows Compute Business as Private Cloud Opportunities Advance - 05/30/2018
What's Coming in OpenStack Rocky? - 05/23/2018
Ubuntu's Shuttleworth Creates Controversy with OpenStack Summit Vancouver Keynote - 05/22/2018
How OpenStack Is Redefining Itself and Open Infrastructure - 05/21/2018
Rackspace Jumps Into Kubernetes, Again - 05/21/2018
Red Hat's Serverless Blockchain Future Powered by Open Source Innovation - 05/14/2018
OpenShift Roadmap: What's Next for Red Hat's Kubernetes Container Platform? - 05/10/2018
How Red Hat Is Embracing CoreOS Technologies - 05/07/2018
How the Kubernetes Release Team Works - 05/04/2018
Where Kubernetes Is Headed and Why Boring Is Good - 05/03/2018
Kubecon + CloudNativeCon EU 2018: Towards the Multi-Cloud Future - 05/02/2018
Fedora 28 Improves Linux Server Modularity - 05/01/2018
Ubuntu 18.04 Bionic Beaver Advances Canonical's Cloud, Kubernetes Strategy - 04/27/2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 Enters Beta - 04/26/2018
Heptio Debuts Gimbal Kubernetes Load Balancer Project - 04/25/2018
Spectre and Meltdown's Critical Impact on Cloud Providers and Customers - 04/23/2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Debuts with Improved Server Admin Features - 04/10/2018
Intel Sheds Wind River Embedded Division - 04/04/2018
Linux 4.16 Released with Improved Security, Virtualization Features - 04/02/2018
Red Hat's Largest Deals Now Coming from OpenShift Containers - 03/27/2018
Open Compute Project Has Billion Dollar Impact on Server Market - 03/22/2018
OpenPower Foundation Aims to Power Server Acceleration Beyond Moore's Law - 03/19/2018
Intel Outlines Plans for Cascade Lake Xeon Scalable Processors - 03/16/2018
How Containers Work in OpenStack Queens - 03/12/2018
Dell Technologies Grows Server Business in 2018 - 03/08/2018
Quantum Computing Race Has a New Winner with Google's Bristlecone - 03/07/2018
Kubernetes Graduates CNCF Incubator, Debuts New Sandbox - 03/06/2018
Global Server Market Rose to $20.7B in 4Q17 - 03/02/2018
Lenovo Brings Water Cooling to Data Center Servers - 03/01/2018
Hewlett Packard Enterprise Grows Server Compute Business As Neri Takes Over as CEO - 02/23/2018
HTTP/2 Server Push Directives Land in Nginx 1.13.9 - 02/20/2018
Why Red Hat Invested $250M in CoreOS to Advance Kubernetes - 02/15/2018
Apache CloudStack 4.11 Boosts Open Source Cloud Features - 02/13/2018
Oracle Sees Its Future in the Cloud as Data Center Footprint Set to Expand - 02/12/2018
AMD Proclaims EPYC Momentum with New Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers - 02/07/2018
Former Intel President Launches ARM Company Ampere - 02/05/2018
Cisco Debuts Its Own Kubernetes Container Platform - 01/31/2018
Intel Building New Silicon to Mitigate Meltdown and Spectre Flaws - 01/26/2018
Cisco Expands HyperFlex Converged Platform, Intersight Set to Replace UCS Central - 01/25/2018
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 Enters Beta with Improved Compliance Capabilties - 01/24/2018
IBM Growing Server, Mainframe Business - 01/22/2018
How Live Patching Has Improved Xen Virtualization - 01/18/2018
EU Makes EUR 1B Bid to Boost Supercomputer Efforts - 01/16/2018
Intel Debuts New Silicon at CES Including 8th Gen Core Processors - 01/08/2018
Data Center Server Revenues Decline by One Percent in 2017 - 01/05/2018
Amazon Linux Moves Beyond the Cloud to On-Premises Deployments - 01/03/2018
Linux 2017 in Review: Five New Linux Kernels Debut - 12/29/2017
Kubeflow Brings Machine Learning to Kubernetes - 12/22/2017
Citrix Debuts XenServer 7.3, Removing Some Features from Free Edition - 12/21/2017
Why Red Hat Is Bullish on Containers - 12/20/2017
Kubernetes 1.9 Enables Apps Workloads - 12/19/2017
Server Revenues Grew to $14.7B in 3Q17 - 12/14/2017
Kubernetes Ecosystem Grows as Cloud Native Computing Foundation Expands - 12/07/2017
IBM Debuts POWER9 Server Systems - 12/05/2017
VMware Grows Earnings as Customers Look at New AWS Option - 12/01/2017
Amazon Web Services Advances Lambda Serverless with New Capabilities - 11/30/2017
Amazon Web Services Embraces Kubernetes, Debuts Fargate Serverless Containers Service - 11/29/2017
VMware Cloud on AWS Set to Enable vMotion Virtual Machine Migration - 11/28/2017
Containers Are Linux - But What About Windows? - 11/22/2017
Meg Whitman Leaving HPE After Disappointing Earnings Report - 11/21/2017
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.7 Gains AWS Service Broker Integration and More - 11/17/2017
China Dominates List of Top 500 SuperComputers as U.S. Summit Looms - 11/16/2017
VMworld 2017 Showcases Server Virtualization Innovation from VMware - 11/14/2017
Linux 4.14 Provides Long-Term Support and Larger Memory Limits - 11/13/2017
Qualcomm Debuts New ARM Server Chip - 11/09/2017
The Definitive OpenStack Map - 11/08/2017
Red Hat OpenStack Platform 12 Puts the Cloud in a Container - 11/06/2017
VMware Advances Its Photon OS Linux Operating System for Containers - 11/02/2017
Heptio Debuts Contour Project to Enable Kubernetes Envoy Load Balancing - 10/31/2017
Intel Reports 3Q17 Revenue of $16.1B - 10/27/2017
Why Docker Swarm Remains, Even as Kubernetes Adoption Grows - 10/26/2017
DockerCon EU: Tips and Tools for Running Container Workloads on AWS - 10/20/2017
What's New in Docker 17.09? - 10/17/2017
Red Hat Releases CRI-O 1.0 for Kubernetes Container Runtime - 10/16/2017
CoreOS Controls Multi-Cloud Container Environments via Tectonic 1.7 - 10/12/2017
Nginx 1.13.6 Patches Web Server for the Year 2038 Flaw - 10/10/2017
Rancher 2 Rebases on Kubernetes for Container Orchestration - 10/05/2017
Oracle Updates Exadata X7 Engineered Server System - 10/03/2017
SUSE Updates Linux Application Delivery Platforms - 09/29/2017
Red Hat CEO Optimistic about OpenShift Kubernetes Revenue Growth - 09/26/2017
Global Server Market Brings in $15.7B in 2Q17 Revenue - 09/25/2017
Oracle Reboots SPARC with New M8 Processor - 09/19/2017
Larry Ellison: There Is No One Left for Oracle to Buy - 09/15/2017
Open Source Summit: Linux Kernel Developers Discuss Challenges, Opportunities - 09/14/2017
IBM Debuts LinuxONE Emperor II Mainframe at Open Source Summit - 09/12/2017
Jim Zemlin Declares 2017 the Year of the Linux Desktop - 09/11/2017
Mirantis Aims to Build, Operate and Transfer OpenStack Clouds - 09/08/2017
Meg Whitman Outlines What's Next for HPE - 09/06/2017
OpenStack Pike Cloud Platform Still Provides AWS Compatibility Layer - 09/05/2017
Dell Emphasizes VMware's Role in Technology Evolution - 08/29/2017
VMware Updates Virtualization Software and Cloud Services at VMworld 2017 - 08/28/2017
IEEE Set to Bring Certainty to Quantum Computing Definitions - 08/24/2017
Red Hat Continues Container Development Efforts with Microsoft - 08/23/2017
Cisco Acquiring Springpath for $320M to Advance Hyperconvergence - 08/21/2017
Lenovo's Data Center Business Aims to Move Forward - 08/18/2017
Oracle Brings Bare Metal Exadata Performance to the Cloud - 08/15/2017
HPE Spaceborne Computer Testing Enterprise-Grade Servers in Space - 08/11/2017
Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.6 Previews New Technology - 08/10/2017
Oracle Linux 7 Update 4 Reaches General Availability - 08/09/2017
Heptio Automates Kubernetes Recovery with Ark and Improves Diagnostics with Sonobuoy - 08/08/2017
Bitnami's Cabin Mobile Kubernetes Dashboard Goes Open Source - 08/02/2017
Amazon Continues to Dominate Cloud Infrastructure Market - 07/28/2017
GoDaddy Terminates Its OpenStack Cloud Server Business - 07/20/2017
IBM Grows Cloud Revenues as Total Revenue Declines in 2Q17 - 07/19/2017
SUSE Partners with Supermicro for OpenStack Cloud Hardware - 07/18/2017
Open Container Initiative Specifications Near 1.0 Completion - 07/13/2017
Intel Debuts New Xeon Scalable Processors - 07/11/2017
Dell Expands VDI Software and Hardware - 07/07/2017
VMware Renews Cloud-Native Apps Focus - 07/06/2017
Linux 4.12 Kernel Debuts New Schedulers in Big Release - 07/03/2017
Cloud IT Infrastructure Market Hit $8B in 1Q17 Revenue - 06/30/2017
Docker 17.06 CE Debuts with Multi-Stage Container Builds - 06/29/2017
SUSE Expands Container Management and Deployment Capabilities - 06/27/2017

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