Verio Unleashes Virtual Private Server On Sun's Solaris Platform

By Clint Boulton (Send Email)
Posted Jan 16, 2001

Web host Verio Inc. Tuesday made its Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting product ready-to-use on Sun Microsystems Inc.'s Operating Environment.

In a kind of two-for-the-price-of-one play, the NTT Communications subsidiary hopes its revamped VPS solution will provide the functionality of a dedicated server at a price comparable to most shared server environments. The Web-hosting firm gets cozy with hardware giant Sun via its new product release.

Solaris, a Sun Microsystems product usually available only for dedicated server solutions, meets customers' needs for server uptime, and supports Web site-development and e-business tools, such as ColdFusion and the Mercantec SoftCart E-Commerce suite.

There are three major features of the VPS: platform, applications and managed services. The new platform features the scalable Solaris Operating Environment, offering the widest enterprise-application support of any UNIX flavor. This should also yield security and flexibility in a shared-hardware environment.

Additionally, Verio VPS allow customers to choose from a variety of Web-development applications, including Coldfusion, Active Server Pages, Java, Mercantec SoftCart, hosted Oracle databases, as well as the ability to support the customer's own applications. VPS also includes triple-data backups, always-on monitoring services and managed security services.

Laura Zung, Verio's vice president of product management, said the product establishes a quality, cost-effective Web site development and hosting platform.

"The cost for this product is $150 per month, similar to most shared-server environments, while it offers a rich set of features normally reserved for much more costly and sophisticated dedicated solutions," Zung said.

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