Intel Revises Its Approach to VPNs

Seeking to repackage and revitalize its approach to selling high performance virtual private networks, chip manufacturer Intel Corp. (NASDAQ:INTL) today rolled out its latest suite that will enable clients to securely connect remote users to branch offices and business partners over the Internet. Intel rolls out suite to allow clients to securely connect remote users over the web.

The new VPN devices are part of the growing Intel and NetStructure product line, which includes scalable network control equipment, Internet appliances, and services that add greater intelligence to computer networks to help companies provide a faster e-business experience.

Given the Internet economy''s hectic climate, the suite should help accommodate the busiest of road warriors looking to slither by the company firewall to access corporate data while waiting for that early-bird flight.

Doug Smith, product line manager, Intel Communications, said Intel''s VPN applications send data through encrypted VPN "tunnels," which act as a secure pipeline.

"This was created very much for the more performance-based customer," Smith told InternetNews.com Monday. "Most of our competitors will offer unlimited VPN clients, but we also offer a firewall. So, ultimately, we offer security at the perimeter, the client and data center."

Indeed, the products are fully compliant with the popular IPSec 1.1 industry security standard, and include an ICSA firewall, unlimited remote clients, and BlackICE Defender personal firewall.

Also appealing to clients, Smith said, is that the VPN suite supports Windows 2000 clients because it "hosts an embedded VPN client so that users may connect to our gateway."

Such VPN products, also provided by heavy hitters the likes of Nortel Networks (NYSE:NT) and Cisco Systems Inc. (NASDAQ:CSCO) are being deployed en masse by service providers and enterprises to eliminate expensive long-distance dial-in and leased-line connections, reducing costs without sacrificing security or performance.

The worldwide market for VPN equipment and software will more than triple from $1.2 billion this year to $3.7 billion in 2004, according to Infonetics Research in San Jose.

One major client, UUNET, praised the upgraded VPN suite.

"The inclusion of Intel''s products in UUNET''s VPN Vendor Alliance Program has allowed UUNET to extend its portfolio of leading-edge, high-performance VPN solutions to meet the needs of businesses today," Greg Moore, vice president, products and development, UUNET.

Intel''s highest-performing VPN gateways -- the Intel NetStructure 3130 and 3125 VPN Gateways -- deliver up to 95 MB per second of throughput and 10,000 simultaneous tunnels for demanding VPN environments.

The Intel NetStructure 3110, 3120 and 3130 VPN Gateways will be available Sept. 14 at the suggested price of $3,495, $10,995 and $20,995, respectively. The Intel NetStructure 3125 VPN Gateway will be available Nov. 22 at the suggested U.S. list price of $20,995.

This article was originally published on Sep 11, 2000
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