Oracle Expected to Invest in Sun Server Platforms

While Oracle executives are not expected to give an official update on their strategy until later taday, PC World reports that Oracle will continue to invest in Sun's multithreaded UltraSparc T family of processors, which are used in its Niagara servers, and the M series server family, based on the Sparc64 processors developed by Fujitsu.

Oracle is expected to assure customers that it will continue to invest in all of Sun Microsystems' main server platforms.

"Oracle will provide a 'reasonable amount of detail' Wednesday about its plans for the companies' product lines, which also include databases, Java middleware, operating systems and storage gear. There is overlap in many areas, notably middleware, and analysts expect Oracle to discontinue at least some of the products.

"A big theme at the event will be how Oracle says it can build better systems for customers because it owns so much of the enterprise server stack under one roof. It will develop more products, like its Exadata Database Machine, that combine hardware and software optimized for particular tasks, such as data warehousing."

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This article was originally published on Jan 27, 2010
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