IBM Rolls Out New System z Linux Servers

IBM on Tuesday debuted new hardware, software and services packages for enterprise customers that want to consolidate and virtualize Linux-based data loads on their System z mainframes. Big Blue's latest offerings are designed for enterprise customers looking to consolidate and virtualize on Linux.

The soup-to-nuts offering includes two new enterprise Linux servers which provide off-the-shelf pricing and configurations for large-scale datacenter consolidation on Linux.

Also, the package includes two new applications for the System z Solution Edition series: one for Enterprise Linux -- to simplify deployment of new Linux workloads -- and another for Chordiant's customer relationship management (CRM) applications.

"IBM is seeing a new market trend for large scale server consolidation and bringing more capabilities to the mainframe," Tom Rosamilia, general manager of IBM's (NYSE: IBM) System z group, said in a statement. "Only the Enterprise Linux Server can provide the environment necessary to handle countless workloads securely and with high availability on such a massive scale."

IBM, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT), VMware (NYSE: VMW) and other vendors are racing to provide a full complement of virtualization software applications for customers of all sizes running their datacenter workloads on a variety of proprietary and open source platforms.

IBM officials said this new all-in-one offering will help clients not only consolidate workloads on the System z mainframe, but reduce their total energy footprint and reduce overall IT spending by simplifying the choreography involved in moving, storing and securing hundreds or thousands of virtualized workloads in the datacenter.

"With our 'save as you grow' pricing model, as the business requirements get bigger, the cost of computing actually gets less expensive," Rosamilia added.

The two new IBM Enterprise Linux Servers come in Enterprise and Business Class configurations and include z/VM, which lets customers run hundreds to thousands of Linux servers on a single physical server.

Also, the Chordiant Solution Edition provides clients with a z/OS, DB2 and WebSphere-based platform to manage customer data on the mainframe. This packaging supports the collocation of the Chordiant applications with this data on System z.

Company officials said more than 3,000 of the 6,300 unique applications available on the System z platform are Linux-based.

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This article was originally published on Dec 8, 2009
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