Marathon Adds CDP to Arsenal

Marathon Technologies this week added continuous data protection to its flagship everRun offering.

Continuous data protection has come to everRun.

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EverRun is fault-tolerant software designed to keep Microsoft Windows apps up and running in a way that eliminates the need for failover processes, specialized applications, or proprietary server hardware.

EverRun's technology is rooted in Marathon's philosophy. Michael Bilancieri, director of product marketing for Marathon, told ServerWatch that although everRun offers fault-tolerant-class availability, it is not the same thing as disaster recovery. By remaining up and running, there is no need to enter disaster recovery mode, which is more complex and costly — in terms of both money and time.

Bilancieri said, however that "[EverRun's] real value is the automated approach we take. There is nothing that the end user needs to do."

EverRun CDP is designed to ensure uninterrupted data protection by delivering end-to-end protection, from hardware to storage, to servers up through the data, Bilancieri said.

The software "adds new dimension to the product line in the form of protection and recovery to data, as well as the ability to track back," Bilancieri said.

EverRun CDP complements the Marathon's everRun family of availability software by extending protection to remote locations. It can capture and replicate data across any distance, in real-time.

The software enables IT managers to recover data from any point in time from any location on the WAN. EverRun CDP ensures application data is safe, up to date and readily available at any location, thus servers can in multiple locations can be protected.

To minimize data loss, everRun CDP adds a time dimension to data. Admins can roll back to a prior deletion or crash.

One major advantage, as a result, is that Exchange can be backed up and recovered in a more granular fashion.

Bilancieri cautioned against using everRun CDP as a sole backup solution, noting it is "not trying to claim it is replacing tape. This augments tape backup and the need to recover from tape should be greatly reduced or eliminated."

EverRun CDP is available for immediate purchase. It integrates with standard server, storage and network environments and includes application-specific options for Microsoft Exchange, SQL Server and SharePoint.

This article was originally published on Dec 6, 2007
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