Opsware Bonds With Solidcore

Opsware customers dreaming of automating their entire data center and its processes came a step closer to having that be a reality this week with the software vendor's latest addition to its Technology Alliance Program.

A sales and marketing partnership is gluing the data center automation vendor and the change management authorizer together.

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Effective this week, Solidcore's Systems S3 Control can be integrated with the automation vendor's Opsware System 6 solutions suite through its Technology Alliance Program. System S3 works with management software to oversee and authorize data center infrastructure changes in real time.

S3 Control enforces change policies to ensure changes are in line with their respective policies. The product provides real-time visibility into changes across the entire IT infrastructure and reconciles them with the customer's existing change management system.

Opsware is the vendor that surfaces most often with Soldicore's product; it is also the best fit, Rosen Sharma, Soldicore president & CEO, told ServerWatch. In addition to S3 Control, Customers are using products from BladeLogic, Tivoli and BMC for infrastructure management, he added.

When combined, Opsware's and Solidcore's offerings will allow only authorized changes to take place within Opsware System. S3 Control will also ensure all change activity is captured, documented and correlated against appropriate authorization.

Together, they will track all server changes in real time, capture and document critical change detail in real time (e.g., who is making changes, what is being changed, when the change is occurring, and how the change was made) and identify non-compliant changes.

The latter makes S3 Control well-suited for generating compliance reports for Sarbanes-Oxley or Payment Card Industry audits.

Perhaps even more important, S3 Control can be set up such that Opsware is the sole authorized change agent. This means that changes from only Opsware are allowed at the system level. To enforce this, S3 Control can lock down for select systems that support mission-critical applications requiring extreme change control policies.

Opsware will resell S3 Control with the Opsware System 6 solutions suite through its worldwide field sales and channel teams. Solidcore will retain its branding even though Opsware will be selling it, Sharma said.

To date, Solidcore claims 100 customers, three of which are in the Fortune 100. The company is currently venture-funded, Sharma said.

This article was originally published on Jul 19, 2007
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