Gordano Takes Integration a Step Further

On Tuesday, Gordano announced the latest version of its messaging platform, Gordano Messaging Suite (GMS), which offers improved e-mail security, the extension of its integration API into client software, and better integration with Outlook.

The latest version of Gordano Messaging Suite features a new integration API that ties IM presence to Outlook data.

GMS offers an enterprise messaging and collaboration platform, which runs in Windows, Linux, Solaris, and AIX environments. The GMS modules — of which e-mail is the core component — are an alternative to Exchange servers. Other GMS modules include WebMail Server, instant messaging, spam and virus protection, collaboration software, archiving and a CRM toolset. The IM component can be integrated with other components or stand alone. When integrated, users can be notified of co-workers' availability when they receive an e-mail from them. The instant messaging function can also be used in conjunction with Outlook to automatically change a user's availability based on events in his or her Outlook calendar.

The addition of an integration API to the client software in the latest release of GMS allows network administrators to interface with standard business solutions at the client level. For example, the API can provide an interface between standard archiving systems and GMS messaging systems, allowing archiving vendors to integrate their products using FTP, POP or IMAP at the messaging level, explained John Stanners, managing director of Gordano. "They could, for example, trap messages passing through the FTP put them into an archive, check them for compliance and act on them in various ways."

Also new in the release is the client interface, said Stanners. "Users, for example, could log into WebMail, and if they have permission, they could then browse through the archive system."

The API can be used to interface with a number of functions, said Stanners, not just archiving. One practical use that has been implemented by one of Gordano's customers is the integration of voice and e-mail. Using the API, users can check their voicemail via e-mail, and vice versa.

Outlook integration has also been improved. This is important for enterprises considering moving to Gordano servers, said Vice President for Collaborative Computing at IDC Mark Levitt. "That is critical for organizations considering replacing its Microsoft Exchange servers with Gordano servers but won't do so if their business users will lose Outlook functionality," he said. "With the new version, users will be able to view and delete messages in real-time unlike before when Gordano relied on IMAP."

The new version of GSM offers Zero-Hour spam and virus protection for e-mail. It uses Commtouch's Recurrent Pattern Detection technology to decrease the time necessary to identify and squelch malware and spam. Rather than wait for periodic anti-virus and anti-spam updates, the RPD monitors Internet traffic and identifies patterns that indicate malware or spam and updates its signature repository. The network, which constantly queries the repository, receives updated virus protection software immediately.

"The key to the Commtouch protection is to catch virus and spam outbreaks quickly," said Levitt, "before they have a chance to penetrate other protection technologies that need time to adapt to new types of threats."

This article was originally published on Instant Messaging Planet.

This article was originally published on Jul 13, 2006
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