Antepo SDK to Push Presence, Integration

Antepo is expected to announce tomorrow the availability of a software development kit (SDK) that, among other things, will enhance presence functionality in its flagship product.

Antepo's new SDK will allow Java developers to add IM presence information and more in custom-built and existing applications.

The announcement comes after a week in which presence-related news dominated the IM arena, including an announcement from AOL last Monday that Intellisync had released an Outlook-based presence plug-in; and a product release from Gordano emphasized presence functionality.

Antepo says its SDK, which is built for use with its OPN System Server, will allow developers to code in Java to add presence and IM functionality in a variety of contexts, including existing software as well as custom-built applications.

Antepo's Open Presence Network (OPN) System is a Java-based IM system built around XMPP/Jabber and SIP/SIMPLE. Among its features is "Outlook Integration," which enables users to add IM contact and presence information to their Outlook address books. OPN also focuses on ActiveDirectory and LDAP integration in the same vein.

This article was originally published on Instant Messaging Planet.

This article was originally published on Mar 8, 2005
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