DigiChat v2.0 Released

Digi-Net Technologies Inc. has released DigiChat v2.0, the latest upgrade to its popular DigiChat Java-based chat server.

DigiChat v2.0 is said to be easy to install and manage, and this release includes enhancements that Digi-Net believes puts the server among "the most powerful community-building e-business tools available to the Webmaster." Digi-Net Technologies Inc. Thursday released DigiChat v2.0, the latest upgrade to the highly popular DigiChat Java-based chat server.

DigiChat v2.0 was designed to solve many of the challenges faced by ISPs, call centers, and managers of real-time, interactive business and consumer-based Web sites. The product is being used by organizations, clubs and businesses for establishing visitor loyalty and repeat visitors.

DigiChat enables hundreds of simultaneous chat rooms and thousands of concurrently connected users. Its Java heritage enables it to be seamlessly installed on any platform, including Solaris, Unix, WindowsNT/9x, Mac, and Linux. The program's graphical interface makes it easy to use and manage for site administrator and end user alike.

The addition of the DC Commander application adds an unprecedented level of administrative control, site awareness and marketing flexibility. This provides chat site administrators with the control and monitoring capability they are looking for, along with the following DigiChat v2.0 features:

  • Capability to send live broadcast messages to unlimited or select chat room participants
  • Support for third-party banner ad networks
  • Full-featured customization interfaces
  • Firewall friendly for corporate users
  • Users can be granted authority to create private chat rooms
  • Enables private conversations within chat rooms
  • Capable of OEM or private branding
  • Can determine how many people are chatting about particular topics

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This article was originally published on Apr 20, 2000
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