Mountain View Data Revs PowerCockpit

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Mountain View Data Monday released version 2.1 of its PowerCockpit provisioning and management software.

Mountain View Data Monday released version 2.1 of its PowerCockpit provisioning and management software, and announced its storage software will be integrated into Rackable Systems' new NAS server.

Key changes in this release are support for 64-bit AMD processors and the 2.6 Linux kernel as well as support for Linux distributions from Red Hat, SUSE, Fedora, and TurboLinux. Improvements were also made to the node set-up and booting process to make it easier to add new nodes to a cluster.

PowerCockpit manages tasks on multiple Linux servers and clusters and makes it easier for administrators to deploy images and make a single update to multiple systems simultaneously. As a result, "users can use one image for all configurations," Cliff Miller, president and CEO of Mountain View Data, told ServerWatch.

This latest version of PowerCockpit has been tested on HP, IBM, and Rackable Systems servers, and blade servers. It is certified to run on IBM, HP, and Dell hardware.

PowerCockpit spawned from Turbolinux. In August 2002, Turbolinux sold its name and Linux distribution to the Japan-based SRA, leaving PowerCockpit without a company to market, support, or sell it. Enter, Mountain View Data, which Miller (who was also one of the TurboLinux co-founders) founded in 2000. In February 2003 it acquired PowerCockpit.

Miller said the current target audience for PowerCockpit is enterprises running either all Linux or mostly Linux with some Windows. Although PowerCockpit v2.1 does not officially support Windows Server 2003, Miller said it works on the operating system. Officially, PowerCockpit claims to support Windows 2000 and XP.

Mountain View Data also announced a partnership with Rackable Systems at this time. The two companies entered into a formal OEM relationship under which Mountain View Data's storage software will be integrated into Rackable Systems' new network attached storage (NAS) server, which will continue to be available through Rackable Systems' worldwide sales channels.

Mountain View Data's MVD Powered NAS software has been shipping since late 2001. It is currently in use in more than 500 organizations. The software features file-system level snapshots, online file system expansion, hardware and software RAID, support for Unix, Linux, Windows, and Macintosh clients, and a Web-based user interface.

"Until recently Mountain View Data has focused on the Japanese market, so we view our relationship with Rackable Systems as an opportunity to bring MVD's technology onto the world stage," said Miller, noting the company's recent shift in focus to North American markets.

This article was originally published on Oct 5, 2004
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