mValent Enables More Consistent Config Files

Workflow management solutions provider mValent Monday announced version 2.2 of its Infrastructure Automation Suite. mValent Monday released v2.2 of its Infrastructure Automation Suite. The software automatically runs a series of checks to confirm configurations are consistent and correct throughout an enterprise's environment.

The mValent Infrastructure Automation Suite automates the application migration process and eliminates pain points, like configuration inconsistency between versions (as is the case with an upgrade from WebSphere 4.x to WebSphere 5.x), with tools it calls "enablers." Version 2.2 contains enablers designed for WebLogic and WebSphere users looking to manage disparate and interdependent configuration definitions underlying the app server platforms.

The mValent Infrastructure Automation Suite, "addresses system downtime due to configuration errors," Andrew Bird, vice president of marketing and business development for mValent told ServerWatch. It does this by automatically running a series of checks to confirm configurations are consistent and correct across all environments and components.

The product is designed to be used early in the adoption cycle -- in the "pre-prodction, post-development phase," Bird said.It is designed to complement, not replace, a provisioning tools and management software, Bird emphasized.

The WebSphere and WebLogic enablers found in v2.2 automate the creation and management of configurations for those platforms. Key tools are:

  • Prebuilt, customizable templates for domain configuration files enable standardization of management processes because all configurations are based on a common template, rather than re-invented every time.
  • Automatic Verification ensure parameters are within the domain and site-specific ranges defined in the standard templates. As a result, parameters are validated before deployment.
  • Application Server Replication enablers provide functionality to generate a perfectly replicated application server in a few mouse clicks.
  • Assisted Discovery and Configuration Management Database Population simplifies the process of creating a consolidated source for all infrastructure configurations. The enablers understand the specific domain environment and read, validate, and translate existing application server configurations, and then load them directly into the configuration management database.

The mValent's Infrastructure Automation Suite is available for immediate purchase. Pricing is based on the number of users, with entry-level deployments starting at $50,000.

Founded two years ago, mValent currently claims 10 clients, including MFS Investment Management, Raytheon, and State Street. It also has four of the world's top-10 financial services organizations as customers.

This article was originally published on Jul 28, 2004
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