Stalker Adds SIP Functionality

By Amy Newman (Send Email)
Posted Jul 27, 2004

Stalker Software announced a new version of CommuniGate Pro Monday. CommuniGate Pro v4.2 Real-Time Communications adds SIP functionality to the messaging server, enabling a host of real-time communications capabilities for users on myriad devices, Ali Liptrot, Director of Sales and Marketing for Stalker, told ServerWatch.

A SIP-enabled version of CommuniGate Pro 4.2 will be released next month. It features a variety of real-time communication options, including IM and white board collaboration.

The new version supports Windows Messenger software or any other client using a SIP-enabled Unix, Mac OS X, or Windows device.

SIP, or Session Initiation Protocol, is a text-based protocol (like SMTP and HTTP) that establishes communications between disparate devices on the Web, such as telephony, conferencing, interactive games, multimedia and IM.

With version 4.2, CommuniGate Pro can function as a registrar for SIP-enabled devices. The SIP-enabled device establishes its Internet presence for the type of SIP communication supported with that device. (For example, IM software can establish presence, and then report the user's current status.) Because CommuniGate Pro makes the user's e-mail address the SIP identifier, the user can receive e-mail, IM, voice, video, and other "calls" using the same address.

In addition, CommuniGate Pro supports IM through its Web-based client, Microsoft Windows Messenger, or any other SIP-based IM client; VoIP through any SIP VoIP device (including Windows Messenger); white board collaboration; and remote administration and configuration to control and support Windows desktops.

CommuniGate Pro v4.2 Real-Time Communications is considered a point release, Liptrot noted. The product will be integrated with CommuniGate Pro's mail and calendaring client and is expected to begin shipping by the end of August. It will be a free upgrade for current customers.

CommuniGate Pro currently claims 8,000 customers on six continents, Liptrot said.

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