Extending Opsware's Reach

Opsware Monday released v4.5 of the Opsware System along with its new Opsware Extension Builder.

Opsware Monday released v4.5 of the Opsware System along with its new Opsware Extension Builder, an automation management tool customizable to enterprise needs.

The Opsware System is data center management software that automates the servers and business applications management, wherever they are in their life cycle. Up until now, the tool offered only uniform, out-of-the-box automation capabilities, and customers couldn't customize the software to the specifications of their enterprise needs, Eric Vishria, director of product marketing for Opsware, told ServerWatch.

To remedy this, Opsware is releasing the Opsware Extension Builder with version 4.5, which works in conjunction with the Opsware System to enable customized automation capabilities for processes and technology, as well as the integration of any IT management system already in place.

The Extension Builder, although packaged separately, comes free with the new version of Opsware. It enables enterprises to build additional automation modules, which it refers to as Extensions, tailored to specific business needs. Opsware will also work with a customer to help develop these extensions, Vishria said.

The Opsware Extension Builder product is a collection of APIs, developer documentation, and sample code and reference applications. According to the vendor, the Extension Builder facilitates customized IT automation applications to: automate custom operational processes, integrate Opsware with existing IT management systems, generate customized reports, and extend Opsware to automate new applications and OS and hardware platforms.

The main enhancements in this upgrade of the Opsware System itself is the technology to allow for the customized extensions as well as the inclusion of Opsware's recently announced Opsware Satellite technology. The Satellite technology extends Opsware's automation capabilities to servers hosted at remote locations, such as a company's branch office.

Opsware currently claims more than 250 customers worldwide, including Comcast, EDS, Lehman Brothers, NEC, NTT, and the U.S. Department of Energy. The company is also one of the drivers of DCML, an emerging data center standard that currently has 67 companies behind it.

Version 4.5 and Extension Builder are scheduled to begin shipping in August.

The Extension Builder is being made available to current Opsware System customers and partners at no charge. It is also included as part of the Opsware System 4.5 software license.

Pricing for v4.5 remains the same as for version 4.0, about $1,200 per server, Vishria said.

This article was originally published on Jul 19, 2004
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