ServerWatch News Briefs for May 14, 2004

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This Week's Swatches

This week: IBM announced it will use switches from Brocade for BladeCenter; Sendmail revved Mailstream Anti-spam Solution; HP took top spot for customer satisfaction among Intel-based server vendors in TBR's quarterly survey; and Sun and SunGard joined forces on a disaster recovery services offering.

IBM Adds Brocade Switches To BladeCenter

IBM Tuesday announced it will use two Fibre Channel SAN switches from Brocade in its eServer BladeCenter system.

The agreement enables customers to take advantage of Brocade's advanced functions in a blade server environment.

With this offering, Big Blue lays claim to being the first vendor to offer fully integrated Brocade Fibre Channel switching capabilities in a blade server system.

The first of the Brocade switches to be available will be the Brocade Entry SAN Switch Module, which is an entry product positioned for SMBs. The switch can grow on demand to meet enterprise needs. The second product is the Brocade Enterprise SAN Switch Module, which delivers full SAN fabric support for large storage area networks and can connect to fabrics with up to 239 switches.

Both Switch Modules "plug" into the BladeCenter chassis, enabling the switches to leverage the cooling and power design of BladeCenter, and rendering it unnecessary for customers to purchase additional cabling, power supplies, or cooling.

The Brocade Entry SAN Switch Module and Enterprise Switch Module is scheduled to be available in June 2004. Pricing will start at $14,999.

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Sendmail Revs Anti-spam Software

Sendmail Tuesday released a new version of Mailstream Anti-spam Solution (MAS). Version 3.0 features new quarantine capabilities, controls, and a modified user interface.

The software suite takes a three-pronged approach to conquering spam:

  • Flow Control enables administrators to control the number of e-mail messages moving in and out of their network. It is designed to protect against address-harvesting attempts and denial of service attacks.
  • Anti-spam Engine is designed to combat spam messages from the perimeter to the user inbox. It aims to facilitate maximized spam detection with low false positives.
  • Message Organizer is an administrative console with adjustable controls to create personal delivery filters for cost-effective management and deployment.

Sendmail's quarantine capability is based on its Sendmail Advanced Message Store. The quarantine feature acts as a holding area for suspect e-mails. Revamped quarantine capabilities include daily digests containing an easy-to-read list of a user's quarantined messages and links back to the secure Web interface for quarantine management.

MAS claims a high detection rate with a low rate of false positives.

MAS 3.0 is but one part of Sendmail's plan to eliminate spam. The company also announced this week that is it working with Yahoo! and Microsoft on sender authentication technology, which will enable organizations to verify the source of a message before acceptance. It will automatically check if an e-mail comes from where it claims to, resulting in legitimate senders 'proving' their identity.

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HP Takes Top Spot in Customer Satisfaction Study

Technology Business Research's IT customer satisfaction awarded the top spot in customer satisfaction among Intel-based server vendors to HP for the first quarter of 2004. TB reported that HP's index moved ahead of Dell's by a "comfortable margin" of 1.9 percent to take the No. 1 ranking. Dell tied with IBM for the No. 2 spot.

A study of 617 U.S. and Canadian enterprises found that in the Intel-based server market HP showed significant improvement over Dell in server management tool satisfaction and customer loyalty.

For the past three quarters, HP has held the top rating for loyalty in the Intel space. According to the vendor, its latest No. 1 positioning was achieved because customers ranked HP tops in hardware quality/reliability, phone support, on-site support, and model configuration consistency.

"For HP in particular, server management is strongly correlated with customer satisfaction and this had a positive impact on its overall rating this quarter. With the increasing demand for simplified solutions and more recently for server consolidation, TBR believes software tools for server management may become increasingly relevant in the marketplace." said Ramunas Svarcas, director of Custom Research for TBR.

The full report is available online at www.hp.com/hpinfo/newsroom/press/2004/tbr_5-4-04_serv104.pdf.

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Sun Microsystems, SunGard Offer Disaster recovery Solution for SMB Market

Sun Microsystems and SunGard Availability Services (an operating group of SunGard) Thursday unveiled Sun Disaster Recovery Managed Services, a joint effort to provide SMBs with better disaster recovery solutions for getting mission-critical data and operations back online.

The new offering builds on Sun Microsystems' range of flexible managed services and will provide a variety of services and technologies to help customers architect, implement, and manage simpler and more cost-effective disaster recovery solutions.

Under the terms of the agreement, both companies will streamline customers access to SunGard's portfolio of information availability services (i.e., business continuity and professional services). Customers will access SunGard's services through Sun Microsystems. This virtual "one-stop" shopping is designed to reduce the costs of engagement and simplify the delivery of an end-to-end disaster recovery solution.

Sun Disaster Recovery Managed Services include: system recovery, end-user recovery, mobile recovery, disaster recovery planning, recovery preparation, and test assistance. Customized services and expertise are available through Sun and its partners are also available.

The new services are available immediately in North America. Expanded availability in other regions is planned for coming months.

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This article was originally published on May 15, 2004
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