ServerWatch News Briefs for January 25, 2004

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Pogo Linux Unveils New Products
Pogo Linux announced a four-processor, Opteron-based server, and began shipping a two-processor server and a new server management tool; Egenera's BladeFrame system now supports SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8; WebBoard 7 has hit the streets, featuring blogging capabilities and RSS/XML feeds; and Panda Software unveiled the latest version of its antivirus software.

At LinuxWorld & Expo, Pogo Linux announced plans to release the PerformanceWare 4464, a new four-processor, AMD Opteron-based server. The PerformanceWare 4464 is a 4U server made up of four AMD Opteron 800 series processors. As the product is still in development, pricing has not yet been set.

Also unveiled at LinuxWorld was PogoRemote, a server management tool that enables network administrators to satellite-manage Pogo Linux storage systems from any location. It is designed to maximize responsiveness and increase data availability. When deployed on a client system, PogoRemote gives users hardware-level access to the server, regardless of the state of the operating system, to monitor the system's health and perform a variety of administrative tasks.

PogoRemote is available immediately on all storage systems.

The third product Pogo Linux revealed was the PerformanceWare 1464, a high-performance rackmount server. The two-processor server has room for four SCSI drives and uses AMD's Opteron processor. The system, which comes with up to 12 GB of memory,is priced starting just below $2,500. It is available immediately.

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Egenera Adds SLES 8 Support

Egenera Wednesday announced its BladeFrame system will support SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 8.

"As our customer base continues rapidly expanding into new markets and geographies, we are committed to evolving the Egenera product line to meet their requirements," said Susan Davis, vice president of product marketing and management at Egenera. "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8 delivers value-added features that our customers are looking for."

The Egenera BladeFrame system seeks to combine the scalability of blade servers and the price/performance of commodity components with mainframe-class functionality. The platform creates a pool of up to 96 Intel processors on 24 Egenera Processing Blade resources that are deployed and managed entirely through Egenera PAN Manager software.

In addition to SLES, BladeFrame supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS, v3 and Microsoft Windows Server 2003, Enterprise Edition and can run them on on a single system.

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Akiva Adds Blogging and Publishing Features Collaboration Server

Akiva, a leading developer of collaboration technology has released a new version of WebBoard, its Web-based collaboration server. WebBoard 7.0 updates WebBoard 6.1 with a variety of online collaboration features, including blogging, RSS/XML feeds (inbound and outbound), calendaring, polling, message ratings, and a SOAP (Web Services) interface.

WebBoard continues to include the features from previous editions: Web-based discussion forums, e-mail discussion lists, news (NNTP) discussions, instant messaging, chat rooms, and whiteboards. All of these tools have been integrated into a single easy-to-administer, Windows-based server, which provides access control, moderation, reporting, searching, and customization across all of the tools.

Akiva believes the new XML and SOAP interfaces will result in tighter integration of the product with other enterprise applications. These strengths, and the standards-based customization features, have made the product popular with its target market -- integrators, VARs, software developers, and IT managers. WebBoard is typically used within education and corporate environments to create virtual classrooms, for internal project collaboration, for establishing standards and best practices, and for customer support applications.

WebBoard is priced starting at $3,995 for a single server license that supports up to 500 concurrent users. It comes with free standard support, optional premium phone support, and upgrade protection. Upgrade pricing from previous versions of WebBoard is also available.

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Panda Software Releases Antivirus Software

Panda Software Friday released what software it is claiming as the most effective antivirus protection for Linux mail platforms, particularly Sendmail, Qmail, and Postfix servers.

This latest release of Panda SendmailSecure, QmailSecure and PostfixSecure include a slew of new features such as the option to scan fragmented messages the capability to detect whether a virus uses the iFRAME/MIME vulnerability exploit.

By scanning fragmented messages it aims to optimize server performance, as the entire e-mail message need not be downloaded to the computer to scan and disinfect it. Panda Software believes enterprises will find this feature particularly useful during virus epidemics, when the server can receive thousands of infected messages.

Panda SendmailSecure, QmailSecure, and PostfixSecure can now detect whether a virus uses the iFRAME/MIME vulnerability exploit, which allows a new malicious code to trick the system using a false MIME header in the message. This feature protects the system from viruses that can run automatically when the message carrying it is viewed in the preview pane. This new characteristic prevents the viruses that use this exploit, such as Klez.I, from spreading, by blocking them in the mail gateway. This also reduces the number of warnings users receive and prevents the mailboxes in the server from being saturated. Panda SendmailSecure, QmailSecure, and PostfixSecure can be managed through Panda Software's new administration console, Panda AdminSecure, which centralizes installation, configuration, and administration of tasks related to these antivirus solutions in a single computer. The new programs can be purchased separately or as part of Panda EntepriSecure, Panda Software's security suite for corporate networks.

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This article was originally published on Jan 26, 2004
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