ServerWatch News Briefs for December 19, 2003

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This Week's Swatches
  • Fujitsu Unleashes Rack-Optimized Primergy Server With Intel Itanium 2 Processor
  • BakBone Software to Support SGI Altix Servers Running 64-Bit Linux
  • Castelle Release FaxPress Premier Network Fax Servers into Europe
  • StrongMail Launches E-Mail Application Server
  • Fujitsu Unleashes Rack-Optimized Primergy Server With Intel Itanium 2 Processor
    Fujitsu Computer Systems early this week unveiled the Intel-Itanium-2-based Primergy RXI600, a high-performance, 64-bit, 4-way rack server positioned to round out the company's Intel-based product portfolio; BakBone Software unleashed an SGI-Altix-optimized version of its Linux-based NetVault solution; Castelle set its FaxPress Premier fax server loose in Europe; and StrongMail Systems released its e-mail app server.

    Fujitsu Computer Systems early this week unveiled the Intel-Itanium-2-based Primergy RXI600. The Primergy RXI600 is a high-performance, 64-bit, 4-way rack server positioned to round out the company's Intel-based product portfolio, and to enable enterprise customers "to plan for the future and maximize their IT investments," said Dennis Mull, senior vice president of sales and marketing at Fujitsu Computer Systems.

    The Primergy RXI600 was designed with large databases, business intelligence, and data warehousing in mind. It is tailored to 4U servers based on the Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) architecture.

    Technical specs of the Primergy RXI600 include:

    • One to four Intel Itanium 2 64-bit processors at up to 1.5 GHz with 6 MB of level-three cache and high multiprocessor scalability
    • Up to 32 GB of PC2100 DDR-SDRAM directly addressable main memory
    • Up to three hard disks for a maximum total capacity of 438 GB
    • A two-channel U320 SCSI controller on-board and one-channel LSI MegaRAID PCI controller
    • Eight hot-plug PCI-X slots (3 x 64-bit/133 MHz)
    • Redundant and hot-plug fans and power supply

    The Primergy RXI600 also features tool-free installation and de-installation of important modules.

    Because the Intel Itanium 2 processor family has full binary compatibility with 32-bit hardware, software that is already installed can run on the Itanium 2-based Primergy RXI600 server. In addition, the IA32 Execution Layer from Microsoft, to be released in 2004, will optimize the processing speed of 32-bit applications.

    The Primergy RXI600 is priced starting at $23,000. It is scheduled to begin shipping in North America in January 2004.

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    BakBone Software to Support SGI Altix Servers Running 64-Bit Linux

    Data backup and recovery software vendor BakBone Software this week released a version of its NetVault solution optimized for SGI Altix servers running 64-bit Linux on Intel Itanium 2 processors.

    BakBone is positioning the offering at mission-critical and high-performance computing environments, such as those in bioinformatics, manufacturing, and national defense organizations, looking to deploy Linux in the data center. NetVault, Bakbone's backup and recovery solution for Linux, enables enterprises to migrate to Linux with a host of data protection strategies available. The vendor believes that its offering, combined with SGI's Altix server, redefines performance and scalability capabilities on Linux.

    "Whether you implement Linux in the small-to-medium enterprise environment or 512-way 64-bit high-performance Altix environment, it's the same core product in NetVault that reliably scales to meet your data protection needs," said Andrew Bowles, director, Strategic Alliances at BakBone Software. "Our global collaboration with SGI extends BakBone's support for the Linux platform into the data center. The SGI Altix 3000 family with Intel Itanium 2 processors and its robust Linux implementation offers further proof of Linux's ability to meet the most demanding customer environments."

    As Linux is the base development platform for NetVault, the entire product stack runs natively on Linux. Because of this, BakBone believes the combination of NetVault and the new SGI Altix 3000 server will provide customers with "industry-leading performance of Linux on the Intel Itanium 2 platform."

    BakBone anticipates that the Altix option will spawn further adoption of Linux in high-performance computing production environments, "... This [partnership] enables customers to take advantage of Linux on the Intel Itanium 2 processor-based platform for SGI Altix 3000 to pursue the most advanced implementations in environments that require increased computing power, and support for large memory, which is critical to high-demand application performance," said Anneke Dempsey, senior director of Global Alliances, SGI.

    "Working with BakBone Software helps us assure our customers that their data protection will not be compromised," Dempsey concluded.

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    Castelle Release FaxPress Premier Network Fax Servers into Europe

    Fax server vendor Castelle set its sites on the European fax server market this week with the release of FaxPress Premier, the company's new generation of network fax servers covering both hardware and software.

    Based on a strong initial reception from the European community, Castelle foresees FaxPress Premier bringing in a steadily growing stream of new revenue to help position the vendor as one of the key players in the European fax server market.

    "Released in the U.S. in September, FaxPress Premier addresses new opportunities while satisfying the expanding needs of Castelle's current customers. The release of a European version of FaxPress Premier supports the Company's ongoing initiatives and commitment in Europe," said Scott McDonald, president and CEO of Castelle.

    "We are pleased by the initial response to FaxPress Premier in the U.S. and look forward to a similar response in Europe," added McDonald.

    FaxPress Premier is available as a scalable analog or digital rack-mountable network fax server for Windows and NetWare environments. Compared to other FaxPress hardware and software products, FaxPress Premier has twice as many fax channels available in the analog fax server line, and it features ISDN interface support in digital environments.

    The next stop on Castelle's world tour is Japan. A version of FaxPress Premier is scheduled to be released there in the first half of 2004.

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    StrongMail Launches E-Mail Application Server

    After nearly two years of development and more than 20,000 engineering hours of development and customer trials, StrongMail Systems this week unveiled what it claims is the first e-mail application server.

    StrongMail Enterprise is a high-performance message transfer agent (MTA) combined with middleware software that includes mail-merge, personalization, and advanced tracking tools.

    StrongMail Enterprise e-mail application server aims to knock down the hurdles typically associated with dynamic and customized communications, enabling businesses to easily blend and create innovative e-mail applications using powerful "building blocks" for fast mail merges, dynamic content, and flexible tracking powered by a highly scalable infrastructure. The software development kit enables enterprises to tap into assets (such as user databases, CRM systems, content management and reporting systems).

    StrongMail's infrastructure features a patent-pending RAM-based architecture designed to eliminate the massive bottlenecks associated with hard drive-based systems. StrongMail claims the Linux-based software takes 15 minutes to install using the Wizard-driven setup.

    Once installed, integration with SMTP-compliant applications is unnecessary. StrongMail does provide tools for more complex communications, such as those involving mail merges, personalization, and tracking. In addition, data transfer is completely universal with any database.

    StrongMail Enterprise provides the core infrastructure components for: e-mail delivery; mail merge and message personalization; message and user tracking; real-time reporting; third-party application integration; and developing custom applications.

    "Even though email is the killer app of the Internet, e-mail applications today are far from mature," said Frank Addante, co-founder and CEO of StrongMail Systems. "We're basically doing for e-mail applications development what was done for Web site development years ago ..." he added.

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