Apache Axis 1.0 Brings SOAP to C++ Developers

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Web services authors with a taste for C and C++ get a chance to work with a new SOAP engine today: Apache Axis 1.0 (Alpha) has been released by the Axis C++ development team. The Axis engine allows programmers to create Web services using C and C++ as well as develop client applications using those languages. Apache Axis 1.0 provides a C/C++ framework for Web services authors.

The new modules include partial support for both SOAP 1.1 and 1.2, and operate under Apache 1.3 for Linux and Windows.

Some of the features found in the release include:

  • Client and server support.
  • A stand-alone SOAP server.
  • A WSDL2WS tool that builds C/C++ components from WSDL, an XML format for describing network services, including skeletons and wrappers on the server side and stubs on the client side. The wrappers generated by the WSDL2WS tool act as RPC providers performing serialization, deserialization, and method invocation.
  • Web interfaces for deployed services and their WSDLs.

Both binary and source for the module are available at Apache mirror sites: http://www.apache.org/dyn/closer.cgi/ws/axis-c/.

This article was originally published on Nov 5, 2003
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