Salvo Now Allows Seamless Data Sharing

Netmanage Inc.'s new Salvo product line now supports XML-based communication between various business applications.

The product uses component-based business logic to create new information from data stored in corporate systems. Netmanage Inc.'snew Salvo product line now supports XML-based communication between various business applications.

Salvo, an application development framework for building enterprise-level extranet applications, has two components: Salvo Server and Salvo Impact. The product is particularly designed for projects involving enterprise-to-extranet deployments.

Support for XML-based communication is part of NetManage's (NETM) ongoing e-business strategy. NetManage believes that Salvo's business logic engine and information access capabilities to XML technology will standardize the management and distribution of information from application to application.

With this seamless integration between applications, disparate systems can now share and exchange back-end data, including XML-based data sources. In addition to presenting integrated information using HTML, or via its COM, ActiveX and JavaBean interfaces, Salvo can present information to other applications in XML formats.

Salvo Server executes application business logic and processing to create new information without changing existing enterprise applications. It then makes the information available via a number of standard interfaces including HTTP, COM, ActiveX, ODBC and JavaBeans.

Salvo Server runs on the Windows NT platform. Salvo Impact is Salvo's visual development environment. It takes a "whiteboard" approach to building applications.

By using drag-and-drop functionality and joining business objects to establish their relationships, Salvo Impact seeks to enable application developers to visualize the structure and logic of an application.

Salvo can be downloaded from Simware's Web site.

This article was originally published on Nov 19, 1999
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