Pramati Server Version 3.5 Gets Ready to Ship

Pramati later this month will release version 3.5 of Pramati Server. Pramati later this month will release version 3.5 of Pramati Server. The new version of the app server will offer simplified monitoring and administration, greater scalability, and an easier adoption and deployment process.

The latest version of the J2EE 1.3 certified application server is currently in beta and available for download.

Vijay Pullur, Pramati co-founder and CTO, described to ServerWatch the three cornerstones of the new release:

  • Simplified monitoring and administration
  • High scalability with full control
  • Easy adoption and deployment

Pramati simplified server management through the Pramati Server Dashboard, a GUI-based management console that provides a view of an entire cluster within a single view that the system administrator can customize to his or her needs.

To keep the server highly scalable while still enabling full control, Pramati describes version 3.5 as having been designed with an ultra-modular architecture. It also offers dynamic caching, which enables the administrator to cache dynamic content on an as-needed basis, as well as advanced EJB caching and priority processing.

The vendor further claims that Web container performance has been enhanced such that it is the fastest JSP/Servlet engine available. Pramati boasts of performance levels four time those of Apache Tomcat for the app server.

To meet its mission of easing the adoption and deployment process, Pramati includes a Point-n-Run Framework to directly run applications already deployed on Apache HTTP Server, Tomcat, Microsoft IISTM, and WebLogicTM Server without having to migrate the applications themselves.

The server also features drag-and-drop deployment, which enables users to deploy applications by dragging and dropping them into a predefined monitored directory.

Pramati is based in India, where it has been a player in the app server market since the company's founding in 1997. Pramati Server is considered the dominant application server in India, Pullur said. Having tapped into and maximized the top end of the enterprise market in India, Pramati has moved on to bigger markets, namely the United States.

Pramati's penetration in the U.S. app server market is recent but rapid. Since its introduction about 18 months ago, Pramati's customer base has grown to include PayPal, Kline, and ICICI Bank. The vendor now claims 20 percent of its customers are in the United States. To meet the needs of its global customer base and offer 24x7 support, the company has opened support centers in the United States and India.

Pramati Server version 3.5 is scheduled to begin shipping July 30. The server will be priced at $2,500 to $5,000 per CPU.

This article was originally published on Jul 18, 2003
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