Gateway Servers Get Performance Boost From New Xeon Processors

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Gateway Monday revealed that Intel's newly unveiled Xeon processor 3.06 GHz is now available for its 960 and 980 servers.

Gateway Monday revealed that Intel's new Xeon 3.06 GHz processor is now an option for its 960 and 980 servers.

The new Intel Xeon processor offers a 533 MHz system bus and 512 KB of L2 cache. It supports dual-processor environments, and features the NetBurst Microarchitecture and Hyper-Threading Technology.

The Gateway 960 and Gateway 980 using this processor will also feature the Intel E7501 chipset, optimized for the Intel Xeon processor with 533 MHz system bus and Intel NetBurst Microarchitecture. The Intel E7501 chipset enables advanced server such as dual channel DDR 266 memory, PCI-X, and Intel Gigabit Ethernet to provide the performance, flexibility, and expandability for volume dual Intel Xeon processor-based servers.

"Gateway's servers meet the real-world needs of our business and institutional customers," said Scott Weinbrandt, vice president and general manager of Gateway's Systems & Networking Products Group.

The Gateway 960 is being marketed to growing workgroups and small to midsize enterprises. The Gateway 980 will be targeted at departments and midsize enterprises. Gateway describes both server lines as ideal for business and institutional customers requiring optimum performance at a great value.

"Our value-conscious customers want to optimize their servers -- so the added performance is a great benefit to them. Equipped with the new processors, Gateway servers also offer outstanding dependability, value and scalability, and provide a stable upgrade path for a solid competitive advantage," Weinbrandt said.

The Gateway 960 is priced starting at $2,199 with the Xeon processor 3.06 GHz, and the The Gateway 980 starts at $3,099 with the new Xeon processor 3.06 GHz.

Gateway is also offering the new Intel Xeon processor 3.06 GHz as an upgrade to provide for customers already using Gateway 960 and Gateway 980 server platforms.

This article was originally published on Mar 10, 2003
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