Opsware Releases Management Software for Sun Fire Blades

On Thursday, Opsware will unveil the Opsware Blade Edition for the Sun Fire B100s SPARC Blade servers at Sun Microsystems' Data Center Summit in Las Vegas, NV.

Opsware this week released a version of its Blade Edition automation management software that has been optimized for Sun Blade servers.

Opsware, formerly Loudcloud, earlier this week announced the availability of a version of Blade Edition optimized for Sun Blade servers. The management software will be a key component in Sun's newly announced Sun Fire Blade Platform.

Opsware Blade Edition is automation software designed to reduce the total cost of ownership of blade servers. It automates operating system and application provisioning on blade servers as well as other critical blade server operations, like power and chassis management. The software automates the management of a large number of blade servers located in a single data center or across multiple data centers. It can also automate the management of blade and non-blade servers across data centers, thus eliminating the need for multiple management consoles.

According to Opsware, IS organizations using Blade Edition with Sun Blades can automate operations of hundreds of Sun Blade servers in multiple locations from a single console. Such operations include remote power and chassis management, provisioning and configuration of operating systems and applications, patch management, cloning, recovery, and decommissioning servers.

Opsware estimates that organizations using Opsware Blade Edition can provision a chassis of Sun Blade servers in approximately 15 minutes, complete with the Sun Solaris Operating System and application infrastructure, such as the Sun ONE Web Server, application server and directory server.

The Opsware Blade Edition speeds other operational tasks by as much as 80 percent.

"Sun Blade servers, combined with integrated management tools such as Opsware software, provide a low-cost data center solution," said Manish Bhuptani, group manager, Market Development Organization, at Sun. "Companies can leverage systems management solutions tailored for Sun Blades to automate the full life cycle of these servers, reducing the overall costs and complexity of deploying and managing services."

Sharmila Shahani, senior vice president of marketing for Opsware concurs, "As companies adopt high-density Sun Blade server solutions to benefit from lower server hardware costs and modular scalability, Opsware brings a fully automated management solution to lower the cost of management and reduce management complexity."

The Opsware System automates the provisioning and ongoing operation of servers and business applications across multiple data centers. The software enables organizations to automate provisioning, change management, patch management, and application deployment.

Opsware also revealed at this time that it has been invited to join Sun's Blade Solutions Community, a collaborative effort designed to provide customers with a full portfolio of integrated, highly reliable, flexible, and scalable solutions to better manage their blade server environment.

This article was originally published on Feb 12, 2003
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