SolarMetric Releases New Version of Kodo JDO

By Wayne Kawamoto (Send Email)
Posted Dec 19, 2002

SolarMetric Wednesday released a new version of Kodo JDO, a tool that enables a database to talk to any Java application without expensive and tedious coding and upkeep. This new release, version 2.4.0, includes plug-ins so Kodo can be used in any development environment. It also offers enhancements to the logging and debugging features. Kodo JDO is designed to enable databases to talk to any Java application without expensive and tedious coding and upkeep.

Kodo JDO version 2.4.0 includes the following new features:

  • Integration with third-party software allows Kodo JDO to be used in whatever development environment best fits the needs of the project. In addition to Apache Ant integration, currently available integrations with IDEs include JBuilder 7 and 8, NetBeans, SunOne Studio, Eclipse, and WebSphere Studio.
  • Logging and debugging enhancements to the logging framework make it easier for developers to debug and to set the logging to the appropriate level. Logging is now done through the Apache commons project, which offers the ability to use an underlying logging mechanism, such as Apache Log4J, JDK 1.4's native logging, or simple file/stdout logging.
  • Performance Pack includes statement batching and database caching.

Kodo JDO Enterprise Edition version 2.4.0 comes with one year of support and maintenance and is available immediately for $3,750 per developer license with no runtime royalties.

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