Telaine Introduces Agentless CIM Storage Resource Management Tool

Telaine LLC Monday announced its Telaine Observer, an agentless CIM tool for storage resource management. Based on the Common Information Model standard, Telaine Observer enables IT professionals to employ an agentless solution that discovers, manages and tracks storage resources across the enterprise. With Telaine Observer, IT professionals can employ an agentless solution to discover, manage, and track storage resources across the enterprise.

With the Telaine solution, users can assess, consolidate, and manage enterprise resources for return on investments using agentless solutions running over IP networks.

Network administrator only have to load Telaine Observer onto a workstation, and designate the range of IP addresses to probe. The software then auto-discovers all the resources residing on systems on the network. Results are available in minutes, and the administrator can customize the application to report on locations, capacities, and rate of growth or usage decline.

Telaine Observer also includes functions for agentless auto-discovery, trend analysis, and capacity planning. These capabilities can enable companies to save money by consolidating storage and server environments, reallocating unused storage from one environment to another, and eliminating additional storage purchases. It also delivers a comprehensive understanding of storage assets for business continuance planning.

Telaine Observer is configurable with a flexible scheduling mechanism that lets administrators monitor storage by physical group, logical group or virtually any other grouping. Alerts can vary from a simple notification that a disk is nearly full to "rate of change" or decline in use alerts.

Telaine Observer Version 1.0 supports Sun Solaris 9, SUN Solaris 8, Windows XP, Windows 2000, and Windows NT. It is available immediately.

This article was originally published on Dec 4, 2002
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