Tripwire to Release Network Management Software for Solaris

Tripwire Monday announced version 2.5 of its Tripwire for Network Devices. When the new version ships on December 3 it will support Solaris. A Solaris-based version of Tripwire for Network Devices will hit the shelves next week. Version 2.5 of the software is designed to assure the integrity and security of routers, switches, and firewalls,

Tripwire for Network Devices is a software offering designed to assure the integrity and security of routers, switches, and firewalls by immediately detecting and reporting changes to configuration files. Quick insight enables fast restoration to the desired state, with a choice of manual or automatic rollback capability. Scalable to thousands of devices, from different vendors, across the enterprise, management is made easy through the Web-based console.

New to version 2.5 is:

  • Web-Based Management: With a new Web user interface, multiple users can access the software from multiple locations using most Web browsers.
  • Added Device and Application Monitoring Through the Tripwire Product Resource Center: The software's capability to monitor multivendor devices increases with the addition of the Tripwire Product Resource Center. Enterprises can access "device kits" to enable them to monitor most popular network devices.
  • Improved Reporting With Added XML Capabilities: The addition of XML output software increases reporting capabilities so change logs of device configurations can be imported into commonly used XML reporting applications.

Tripwire for Network Devices 2.5 features the following:

  • Assures the integrity and security of network devices by providing instant notification of changes to configuration files and enabling fast, automated restoration.
  • Heterogeneous network device coverage & scalability assure system
  • Wide integrity management
  • Support for configuration monitoring, and most commonly used routers, switches, and firewalls across a network.
  • Expanded device support within the software and on Tripwire's Web site provides a single point solution for multi-vendor device support.
  • Software can be scaled to, and managed at, the enterprise level

This article was originally published on Nov 26, 2002
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