TenFold Releases New Version of Universal Application

Last week, TenFold Corporation, provider of the Universal Application platform for building and implementing enterprise applications, announced a new release of its flagship software product, the Universal Application. Last week, TenFold announced a new release of its flagship software product for building and implementing enterprise applications, the Universal Application. The solution now supports Solaris.

TenFold provides the Universal Application platform as a new way for organizations to build complex applications and replace legacy systems. TenFold has been using the Universal Application for years to build applications. The Universal Application is designed to allow a three to ten time reduction in development costs and time frames compared to other available technologies.

This release offers new capabilities that include:

  • Performance improvements - EfficientMessageDispatch aims to reduce applications server CPU usage so that Universal Application supports many more end-users without additional hardware resources
  • Browser applications tester - BrowserClient AutoTest runs automated portable regression tests in BrowserClient (Universal Application's Web browser interface), and customers can ensure browser applications quality by testing their changes.
  • Performance measurement tools - BrowserClient ARM (Applications Response Measurement) records and analyzes end-user performance to help identify network, Web server, application server, database, and other bottlenecks.

Enterprises can now obtain additional operating system and RDBMS versions including Sun Solaris 8, IBM AIX 5.1L in 64-bit mode, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000.

This article was originally published on Nov 19, 2002
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