Tenon Updates Mac Apache Configuration Tools

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Tenon Intersystems updated iTools, its Apache configuration software, to v6.5.7 for Mac OS X 10.2.2 last week. Tenon's iTools provides a Web-based GUI, as well as an Aqua iTools Manager, for configuration and management of Apache, DNS, and FTP. The new package updates Apache to version 1.3.27, mod_ssl to 2.8.12, and OpenSSL to 0.9.6g. It also includes software improvements in a number of areas and is designed to make running on Mac OS X Server seamless. Tenon updated its Apache Web server configuration software for Mac OS X with a Web-based graphical user interface and tools for managing and configuring Apache, DNS, and FTP.

In addition to updating the iTools 6.5.7 core package, the PHP package was also updated to the latest 4.2.3-2 version. Tenon's tools are designed to complement and extend Apple's included Apache and make it easy and fail-safe for webmasters to set up and support sophisticated network servers.

Next year, Tenon plans to introduce iTools 7. iTools 7 will support the new Apache 2, with enhanced scalability, and it will come with new features, including domain-specific administration and built-in Web traffic log summary reports. iTools 7 is now downloadable from Tenon's site as a public beta.

iTools 6.5.7 is a free update for existing customers. The iTools package is $299 for WebSTAR users. Tenon is also selling iTools and Post.Office (a mail server and list server for Mac OS X) pre-installed on Apple's new rack-mountable Xserve boxes.

This article was originally published on Nov 19, 2002
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