Unify Releases Unify NXJ

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Unify Corporation, a provider of business application platform solutions, Friday released Unify NXJ, a business application platform designed to automate the building and managing of rich, interactive Web applications using the J2EE platform. With Unify NXJ, mainstream IT organizations can use their existing staff of COBOL and client/server developers to build and deliver interactive Web applications using J2EE. Unify released its Unify NXJ that helps application developers deliver interactive applications and is available for Solaris.

Unify NXJ was designed for IT organizations that need to deliver J2EE-based applications. Unify NXJ aims to replace complex J2EE coding with a unified application environment and prebuilt functionality for enabling feature rich, interactive applications that deliver real-time business capabilities to a wider set of diverse end users.

Unify NXJ aims to isolate the complexity of J2EE by automating and simplifying J2EE tasks and business rules, and bringing together common support services that underpin the requirements for the type of highly interactive Web applications businesses are demanding today. The Unify NXJ business application platform is designed to combine application behavior and business rules with the J2EE blueprints and infrastructure so developers do not need to know J2EE to apply business rules, generate Java code or integrate with disparate data sources.

"Building sophisticated Web applications in J2EE is a laborious task and especially challenging for organizations with a staff of business application developers," said Dave Glende, vice president of products and CTO for Unify. "Unify NXJ enables mainframe and client/server developers to deliver applications in J2EE using a development paradigm they are familiar with, such as event-driven programming, data-aware components, and familiar properties and controls."

Unify NXJ is available immediately on the Solaris and Windows platforms.

This article was originally published on Nov 11, 2002
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