NetOctave Announces Software Support for Sun Solaris

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NetOctave, a developer of SSL and IPsec network security solutions, announced release 2.3 of its software develoer kit (SDK). Besides increasing performance for public key and bulk encryption, the release adds support for Solaris 8, FreeBSD 4.6, and SSH IPSEC Express Toolkit 5.0. Version 2.3 of NetOctave's NSP2000 series SSL and NSP3000 series IPsec products offers increase public key and bulk encryption along with added support for Solaris 8, FreeBSD 4.6, and SSH IPSEC Express Toolkit 5.0.

The SDK will continue operating system support for Red Hat Linux, BSD/OS, and VxWorks, and application support for SSH IPSEC Express Toolkit 4.2.

The SDK is designed for NetOctave's NSP2000 Series SSL products and NSP3000 Series IPsec products. According to the company, these PCI and PMC board-level products are unique in their low latency per operation and their robust software component. In addition to low-level hardware drivers provided by competing products, NetOctave's SDK includes an API, queue manager software for optimized data flow, and reference application software.

In the case of SSL, an OpenSSL reference implementation that is integrated with the NetOctave API is provided. In the case of IPsec, hooks are supplied for SSH IPSEC Express Toolkit and other IPsec implementations. NetOctave believes the complete software offering will enable OEM customers to quickly and easily design in NetOctave hardware and realize maximum performance in true system environments.

"The addition of Sun Solaris and FreeBSD operating system support and SSH Express Toolkit 5.0 application software support extends our product reach to new customers and continues our commitment to providing OEM customers with complete solutions that include a strong software component," stated Jim Kristof, NetOctave Director of Software. "This software commitment is vital to helping customers quickly and easily design in hardware-accelerated SSL and IPsec functionality and realize the performance potential of NetOctave's industry-leading IPsec and SSL acceleration products."

This article was originally published on Nov 8, 2002
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