Benchmark Shows HP Servers Outperforming Sun Systems

Hewlett-Packard and Sendmail announced the results of performance benchmark testing of Sendmail's e-mail software on HP ProLiant servers compared to Sun systems. According to HP and Sendmail, a recent benchmark indicates better price/performance and throughput for Sendmail's mail and messaging solutions deployed on Linux hardware compared to those on Sun servers running Solaris.

According to the two companies, the results indicate better price/performance and throughput for Sendmail's mail and messaging solutions deployed on Linux hardware vs. those on Sun servers running Solaris.

The companies say that the testing showed that Sendmail software running on 2- and 4-way HP ProLiant servers with SuSE Linux Enterprise 7 and the Reiser Filesystem was significantly better than Sun servers running Solaris in message throughput, price, and performance.

For example, the 2-way, IA-32 HP ProLiant DL380 server running Linux outperformed and had a lower acquisition price than a 2-way, 64-bit, Sun Fire 280R running Solaris. The HP ProLiant DL380 running Sendmail Switch delivered 30 messages per second while a Sun Fire 280R delivered only 19 messages per second.

From a pricing perspective, the HP ProLiant DL380 server is $6,463, whereas the Sun Fire 280R is $16,490 (price includes Veritas file system).

The companies claim that additional tests revealed the HP ProLiant DL580 server running Sendmail Advanced Message Server and Linux served 14,000 users at approximately 100 percent concurrency (with all users logged in and working at the same time). In comparison, the Sun Fire V880 server running Solaris was capable of serving 9,000 users at approximately 100 percent concurrency.

The price of the HP ProLiant DL580 server, including fibre channel storage, is $48,603 while the Sun V880, including T3 storage and the Veritas file system, is $190,095.

"HP is seeing a growing number of customers adopting Linux on industry-standard HP ProLiant servers as an alternative to more expensive Sun systems running Solaris," said Judy Chavis, worldwide director of Linux, HP Industry Standard Servers. "HP is committed to providing these customers with tested, proven, Linux-based solutions, like Sendmail's e-mail products, allowing them to deploy cost-effective, reliable Linux solutions with confidence in their enterprise infrastructure."

This article was originally published on Nov 2, 2002
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