Brightmail Announces Brightmail Anti-Spam 4.0 Enterprise Edition

Brightmail, a developer of anti-spam products, announced the availability of Brightmail Anti-Spam 4.0 Enterprise Edition, a solution designed to extend the effectiveness and accuracy of Brightmail's spam filtering solution. Brightmail just announced the latest version of its Solaris solution designed to stop spam before it enters a network.

According to the company, Brightmail Anti-Spam 4.0 offers a number of new features that make it appropriate for enterprises:

  • It identifies and eliminates polymorphic spam attacks by removing the randomness inserted by spammers in the header or body of the email message. With this new capability, Brightmail can generate rules against the slightly varied attacks -- those with changing spaces or punctuation -- that sophisticated spammers use to try to defeat spam filters.
  • Brightmail Anti-Spam 4.0 offers an installation and configuration tool designed to make the installation process easy and flexible.
  • Brightmail Anti-Spam 4.0 works in Solaris, as well as Windows 2000 environments, and integrates with corporate messaging environments, such as MS Exchange and Lotus Notes.

Other advantages that Brightmail Anti-Spam 4.0 offers are that it is proactive rather than reactive. The patented, server-side solution is designed to stop spam at the e-mail gateway before it enters a network. It offers 24/7 operation with technicians at the Brightmail Logistics and Operations Center, who are working to ensure that the system is running and blocking spam 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Anti-Spam 4.0 is designed by experts in server scaling, and, like all Brightmail solutions, it is built on a client/server architecture customizable for various environments.

This article was originally published on Oct 25, 2002
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