Netegrity Releases TransactionMinder

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Netegrity recently released Netegrity TransactionMinder, an enterprise scale solution for controlling access to Web services. Netegrity's latest solution promises to use Web services to unlock and integrate mission-critical applications for internal users and external partners, while supporting industry standard Web services frameworks such as Apache.

According to the vendor, enterprises gravitate toward Web services to lower the cost and complexity of integrating applications and deliver services while improving customer and partner relations through real-time access to business services. The lack of security for Web services, however, has limited the scope of their deployment.

Netegrity TransactionMinder is designed to solve this problem by providing an enterprise scale solution for controlling access to Web services. With TransactionMinder, enterprises control who accesses a Web service (authentication) and what can be done with the Web service (authorization).

"A flexible and manageable security infrastructure is critical for the success of any Web services strategy," said Sudhir Agarwal, senior manager and lead architect, Single Sign-On Services, at Verizon. "With its out-of-the-box solution to secure XML documents and messages, Netegrity TransactionMinder will help Verizon speed up our Web services roll-out plan."

According to the company, TransactionMinder enables organizations to:

Reduce Risk - Enterprises can use Web services to integrate their back office applications and expose them to internal users and partners without putting critical corporate information at risk. Only authenticated and authorized users or partners can access information based on corporate policies.

Reduce IT Cost and Complexity - TransactionMinder eliminates the need to create "silos" of security in each Web-service-enabled application. This should let companies reduce the cost and complexity of managing Web services and ensure that Web services security is uniformly enforced across the enterprise based on corporate policies.

Make Real-Time Business Decisions - With TransactionMinder enterprises can make real-time authorization decisions based on the content of the Web service without having to write custom code or invoke any other authorization source outside of TransactionMinder.

Interoperate Through Industry Standards - TransactionMinder is based on industry standards and designed to work with standard Web services technologies, such as SOAP messages and WSDL. The product also supports SAML and XML Digital Signatures for authentication and supports industry standard Web service frameworks such as Apache, Microsoft .NET, and Netscape servers.

Enterprise Class Scalability - TransactionMinder is based on the same Netegrity Policy Server used by the Netegrity SiteMinder product.

This article was originally published on Oct 23, 2002
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