Novell and MySQL to Ship MySQL Database with NetWare

Novell and MySQL announced that Novell will ship a NetWare-optimized commercial version of the MySQL database with Novell NetWare 6 and subsequent releases of NetWare. Novell and MySQL have combined forces to offer a NetWare-optimized, commercial version of the MySQL database with Novell NetWare 6. This version of MySQL will ship as NetWare's standard database, with the applications offering -- along with Apache, PHP, and Perl -- a set of development tools for NetWare customers.

The vendors believe the combined offering will provide savings to Novell customers and allow them to develop and distribute MySQL applications without open source license requirements.

The MySQL database is a relational database management system for Web site and business application development and deployment. MySQL is available under the GPL open source license, but Novell is shipping a commercially licensed version of MySQL with NetWare, which means there are no user limitations and no open source requirements for developers who wish to write and distribute applications that use MySQL on NetWare. Under the GPL license, the distributor of an application developed with MySQL could have to make the application's source code open and freely available to anyone to read, redistribute and modify. MySQL for NetWare users can avoid any such requirements because of Novell's commercial license agreement with MySQL.

"MySQL for NetWare, along with Apache, PHP, and Perl, create a strong set of development tools for NetWare customers, with a huge benefit being they can now run thousands of applications written for other platforms on NetWare 6 servers," said Doug Knight, vice president of networking infrastructure products for Novell. "With more than 4 million users, MySQL is a proven solution that can substantially reduce the expenses associated with a large number of database installations. Novell customers and partners will discover excellent performance, stability and reliability, and the commercial license means they can develop any kind of application they require with it."

Antonio Mastrolorito, Lufthansa Systems Infratec, said, "Deutsche Lufthansa AG approached Novell some time ago suggesting that providing Apache, MySQL and PHP on NetWare would make a lot of sense for Novell customers. There is strong demand from companies wishing to run these industry-leading applications on a platform that can provide strong support while offering time-tested reliability and performance."

MySQL for NetWare 6 is available now for beta testing and will be generally available in December for no charge. As with other MySQL-supported platforms, a GPL version will also be available for download on the MySQL Web site. MySQL will also be included in the next release of NetWare, scheduled for delivery in the first half of 2003.

This article was originally published on Oct 22, 2002
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