Red Hat Includes Joydesk 2.6 With 8.0 Release

VirtualTek and Red Hat inked a deal to bundle VirtualTek's Joydesk 2.6, a Linux-based e-mail and groupware software, with Red Hat Linux 8.0. Joydesk 2.6 aims to enable small and midsize organizations to create a secure intranet environment, and service providers to offer customers branded messaging applications accessible from the client of their choice. VirtualTek and Red Hat inked a deal to bundle VirtualTek's Joydesk with Red Hat Linux 8.0. The Linux-based e-mail and groupware software incorporates Web-based e-mail and groupware features and includes Apache v1.3.

Joydesk 2.6 features encrypted SSL security using self-signed digital certificates, sound notification for new mail, the capability to create single or multiple domains, and the latest version of Apache v1.3. According to VirtualTek, assuming a high performance open source database, Joydesk 2.6 may be installed and running in less than 30 minutes with no further work required.

"Joydesk 2.6 provides a flexible messaging solution that users can easily tailor to their specific needs: Users can effortlessly access Joydesk from their cell phones, synchronize it to their PDAs, or access mail from their favorite web browser, and not compromise their mobility or productivity," said CEO Alex Choe.

A free, 30-day trial downloads of Joydesk 2.6 is available from VirtualTek's site.

This article was originally published on Oct 21, 2002
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