GemStone CMP Accelerator Now Available on JBoss

Real-time performance software provider GemStone Systems, announced the integration of the GemStone CMP (Container Managed Persistence) Accelerator with JBoss'JBoss Application Server. GemStone's distributed cache has been integrated with the JBoss Application Server to offer performance improvements for applications using Enterprise JavaBeans with CMP 2.0.

The GemStone CMP Accelerator is a shared transactional Java workspace that provides caching, clustering, and object persistence capabilities. JBoss, with which it is now capable of integrating, is an open source, standards-compliant J2EE-based application server implemented in Java.

The combination of the two technologies aims to provide performance improvements for applications using Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) with CMP 2.0.

The integrated technology offering from GemStone and JBoss was designed for applications using CMP at all stages -- from the development of the application through the deployment of production systems. According to the GemStone, the combined solution can be deployed to revive existing applications with performance problems or issues. The product solution can also be established as a key piece of infrastructure prior to development to reduce hardware requirements and associated costs.

The company lists the following benefits of the gemstone CMP accelerator on JBoss:

  • Optimized Caching for CMP 2.0: GemStone CMP Accelerator on JBoss provides transparent caching mechanisms for EJB Entity Beans written to the Container Managed Persistence specification version 2.0. By maintaining object structures and direct object relationships, the cache keeps data in a state ready to be used by Java applications.
  • High Availability: For businesses that rely on 24x7 uptime, GemStone CMP Accelerator on JBoss supplies high availability from the process to the system level. The GemStone out-of-the-box fault tolerance technology is designed to continuously monitor and automatically restart business processes. In case of total system failure, GemStone technology fails over to the backup system.
  • XML Deployment Descriptor Configuration: All information required to cache CMP 2.0 EntityBeans is maintained in an extended version of the JBoss Entity Deployment Descriptor. No code changes should be required to the beans to take advantage of GemStone's caching features. The GemStone CMP Accelerator on JBoss technology can be used for an existing or new CMP 2.0 compliant application. The cache can be enabled and configured on a bean-by-bean basis, allowing for a fine-grained level of control.

"The combined technology is a tightly integrated product that provides customers with the performance tools that can be applied to existing applications without making any code changes," said Raj Kulkarni, CTO of GemStone Systems. "This is significant to Java developers who are looking for pluggable components that fit within their existing infrastructure to increase overall system performance and lower development costs."

The GemStone CMP Accelerator on JBoss is available immediately. The combined GemStone and JBoss technologies support the following platforms: Sun Solaris, Microsoft Windows NT 4.0, and Microsoft Windows 2000.

This article was originally published on Oct 15, 2002
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