Softwerc Announces URL Generator

Softwerc announced its URL Generator, a point-and-click portlet development tool to enable developers to customize executive dashboards, trading desktops, and other enterprise portals without custom programming. Softwerc's just-announced URL Generator is designed to speed portal customization and turn Web-based content into a URL for point-and-click portlet development.

The software is designed to capture any Web-based content and turn it into a URL that may be incorporated into a new or existing portal, reducing the time and expense of portal creation by as much as 90 percent.

The software relies on patent-pending "digital scissors" technology that allows developers to clip select portions of any Web-based data source, including individual panes, links and forms, for repurposing inside third-party or homegrown portals.

Key features include:

  • The capability to create portlets from any kind of Web content, including HTML, JavaScript, ActiveX, Flash, and Web-enabled internal corporate systems, such as ERP applications, using metadata to avoid recoding
  • Open Java-based architecture that supports any enterprise portal development application, including products from IBM, BEA, Microsoft, Plumtree, Epicentric, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Sybase, and Siebel
  • One-time portlet development, enabling users to deploy the same portlet across multiple portals with a single Werclet-generated URL rather than writing new code for each platform
  • Support for real-time data feeds, charts, and news

Softwerc's URL Generator runs on Linux or Solaris with SQL Server 2000, DB2, and Oracle databases, and uses BEA WebLogic Server, Windows NT/2000, or IBM WebSphere Application Server. A demo is available at www.softwerc.com/123. A free 30-day evaluation can be arranged by contacting Softwerc at +1 312 357 0707 or www.softwerc.com/contact.

This article was originally published on Oct 3, 2002
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