New Sun Storage Systems Target the Workgroup

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Sun Microsystems announced that its Sun StorEdge 3300 Series will deliver enterprise features to the workgroup. Sun's new storage arrays aim to bring added value to enterprises by meeting small to medium deployment requirements and enabling organizations to do more with less.

Scheduled to go into general release on October 15, 2002, the new storage arrays are designed to bring added value to organizations by meeting small to medium deployment requirements and enabling customers to do more with less. With this new product series, the first being the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array, Sun says it is extending its storage solutions offering to those customers that need scalable storage systems with enterprise features and capabilities.

According to the company, its Sun StorEdge 3300 Series complements the Sun StorEdge product family, and is positioned underneath Unix market leaders Sun StorEdge 9900, 6900, and 3900 Series arrays. They are designed and tested to take full advantage of Sun's entry-level server line that includes the Sun LX50, Sun Fire, V120, 280R, V480, and V880 servers. Also open to heterogeneous environments, these products may be ideal for Sun customers that need compact, ultra-dense, ruggedized disk arrays to simplify storage planning and management.

Unlike the low-end storage boxes sold by others, Sun says it that it helps businesses meet their small and medium application deployments by providing features, such as hot swapping, scalability from gigabytes to terabytes, and durability to meet full NEBS Level-3 compliance specifications. Due to the Sun StorEdge 3310 array's single to dual RAID controllers and simple Web GUI, customers may be able to quickly and cost effectively expand capacity and easily add Logical Unit Number (LUNs) and disk drives.

Sun claims that for a customer to do this using a competing product, it would have to buy additional equipment, shut down the systems, and back up to tape before they can begin to add storage capacity.

Also unique to this product category, the Sun StorEdge 3310 SCSI array includes remote management services software so that IT managers can meet their data storage needs regardless of location.

This article was originally published on Oct 3, 2002
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