CrossTecCorp Releases Newest Version of NetOp Remote Control

CrossTec Corporation released NetOp Remote Control v7.5. The new version boasts support for a range of operating platforms, enhanced security, inventory and asset management, and new features designed to ensure fast, simple, and secure remote control for global enterprises. CrossTec NetOp Remote Control v7.5 offers inventory and asset management, additional security, and new cross-platform support options.

In addition to supporting most Windows platform, NetOp Remote Control v7.5 allows users to remotely control Linux and Solaris servers, even when using hand-held Windows CE devices or, for example, a Nokia Communicator. The vendor notes that this degree of flexibility is proving increasingly valuable in business environments, especially where mobility is a key competitive parameter.

With the new release, NetOp says that it has increased data security on remote control applications. Not only is the product designed with a strong level of encryption, but a Security Server module is also available for fault-tolerant centralized control of authentication and user rights, and event-based audit trails.

Among the list of new features for NetOp Remote Control v7.5 is an inventory function designed for asset management. The inventory feature allows details of installed hardware and software to be gathered remotely, saved to an XML file, and displayed in a hierarchical view or exported to external applications for processing. Other new features include a new host user interface, XML configuration, setup wizard, and mouse wheel support.

This article was originally published on Oct 2, 2002
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