Seagull's LegaSuite Adds Support for Oracle9i Application Server

By Wayne Kawamoto (Send Email)
Posted Sep 13, 2002

Seagull, a provider of legacy evolution software solutions, announced support for Oracle9i Application Server. The combination of the Oracle9i Application Server and Seagull's LegaSuite software solutions may help joint customers noninvasively integrate the Oracle infrastructure technology and Oracle applications with legacy applications that perform core business functions. This may result in highly scalable, reliable composite e-business applications. By combining Oracle9i Application Server and Seagull's LegaSuite software, customers may be able to non-invasively integrate Oracle infrastructure technology and Oracle applications with legacy applications.

Seagull's LegaSuite is an integrated software platform for evolving legacy applications to service-oriented architectures. According to the company, LegaSuite is the first comprehensive, multi-infrastructure legacy evolution platform available on the market. It includes integrated solutions for terminal emulation, user interface extension, Web-enablement, standards-based application integration, model-driven business process integration, legacy Web services and data stream transformation.

Specifically, the Transidiom module of LegaSuite is designed to transform closed, proprietary legacy systems into open, standards-based enterprise business services that can be invoked by Oracle9i Application Server. Developers should be able to deliver legacy business functions as J2EE-compliant Enterprise Java Beans (EJBs) to Oracle9i Application Server, which may provide seamless real-time integration between mainframe and iSeries applications and the application server platform.

Oracle9i Application Server and Seagull's LegaSuite can be deployed on all leading enterprise platforms, including Solaris, Linux, HP-UX, AIX and Windows NT/2000/XP. In addition, Seagull LegaSuite also runs natively on mainframe and iSeries hosts.

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