New SOAP Gateway For Managing Web Services

Software AG, a provider of XML solutions, announced that its newly released EntireX XML Mediator version includes a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) Gateway to reduce the complexity of managing Web Services. EntireX XML Mediator, which runs on Solaris, provides a SOAP Gateway and XSLT generation tool that should make it easier to support web services and improve document integration.

The XML Mediator SOAP Gateway is designed to eliminate the coding that's necessary to call a Web service and generate a response. According to the company, XML Mediator SOAP will also provide increased efficiencies because all Web services can now be managed in one place via an intelligent GUI. And as companies increase the number of Web services within their enterprise, EntireX XML Mediator may provide a scalable, easy-to-manage environment.

In addition to its SOAP Gateway, another significant XML Mediator component is an XSLT generation tool. XML Mediator now comes packaged with a license for TIBCO's XML Transform, a design solution for creating and debugging XSLT stylesheets.

EntireX XML Mediator is an XML document exchange tool that manages the flow and behavior of XML-based information. The new enhancements should make it easy to exchange and share data, securely with the in-built support of HTTPS, over the Web between disparate systems within organizations and between business partners by leveraging Web services. XML Mediator may help businesses to receive, transform, distribute (or route), and store e-business documents over the Internet using defined business rules and XML standards to facilitate their movement through and amongst enterprises.

EntireX XML Mediator is currently available on Solaris Sparc / Ultra Sparc and Windows 2000 / NT /XP. An operational 30-day demo version can be downloaded at: www.softwareag.com/entirex/download/. For more information on the topic of XML-based application integration, visit the Software AG Demo Zone at: www.demozone.softwareag.com/tbidemozone.

This article was originally published on Aug 31, 2002
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