New Solaris Notebook

Tadpole Hardware Solutions began shipments of its new SPARCbook 5000 notebook for Sun's Solaris Operating Environment (OE) computing community. The latest model in Tadpole's line of notebooks is built around a 500MHz UltraSPARC IIe microprocessor and the Solaris 8 OE. With 15.1" XGA and optional SXGA+ display resolutions, 2GB of memory and removable disk capacity of up to 80GB, the company says that its SPARCbook 5000 raises the bar in the weight/footprint/features equation generally associated with business-critical Solaris applications. Compared with Tadpole's previous top-of-the-range UltraBookIIe notebook, the SPARCbook 5000 notebook is 30 percent smaller, and 20 percent lighter. Tadpole announced the launch of its UltraSPARC 5000, a smaller, lighter notebook that is squarely aimed at the Solaris computing community.

The SPARCbook 5000 notebook is designed to be 100 percent binary compatible with Sun desktops and servers and can run the full inventory of Solaris applications. At 1.8" deep and weighing less than 7lbs., the notebook should offer the connectivity features and performance normally associated with a full size Sun workstation and monitor.

SPARCbook 5000 notebook includes a CD-RW/DVD-ROM, dual Ethernet, PCMCIA sockets, stereo speakers, and a Sun compatible integrated keyboard with glide-point touchpad and 3-button mouse. The numerous networking, serial, parallel, PS2, video and USB ports found on the back of the notebook should offer adequate expansion and network connectivity.

The SPARCbook 5000 notebook is available now. Pricing is between $6,000-12,000, depending upon configuration. For further details and a specification sheet, call 760/929-0992, or email sales@tadpole.com.

This article was originally published on Aug 28, 2002
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