Sun Announces SunPlex Enhancements

Sun Microsystems announced enhancements to its SunPlex environment for Oracle9i Real Application Clusters, which should provide customers with better performance and scalability. The SunPlex environment with Oracle9i Real Application Clusters is designed to deliver a high level of availability for customers and application services. Through the use of Sun's Remote Shared Memory (RSM) technology and high-bandwidth low-latency interconnects, Oracle9i Real Application Clusters should be optimized for superior application communication across the nodes in a cluster.

According to the companies, Oracle9i Real Application Clusters is the first software to integrate with Sun's RSM Application Programming Interface (RSMAPI) messaging model. Sun Cluster 3.0 software with Oracle9i Real Application Clusters should provide customers with higher utilization of cluster resources. Sun's SunPlex System promises to offer enhanced performance on Oracle9i Real application clusters.

Currently, the Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group (IC Mobile) utilizes the SunPlex environment, enabled by Sun Cluster 3.0 software, besides other technologies, with Oracle9i Real Application Clusters for their @vantage scalable server architecture to help deliver higher resiliency of application services to their customers. According to Siemens, the SunPlex system with Solaris Operating Environment, Sun Cluster 3.0 software and Oracle9i Real Application Clusters in a 4-node configuration provides Siemens IC Mobile with:

  • Reduced time and effort installing and upgrading each node
  • Real-time access to the database from any node
  • Virtually Linear scalability
  • Enhanced failover services

"The powerful combination of our advanced cluster technology with Oracle's industry-leading Oracle9i RAC database will help customers such as Siemens gain real-time access to its databases and improve the company's overall customer service and bottom line," said Andy Ingram, vice president of Solaris marketing, Sun Microsystems. "Together, Sun and Oracle continue to deliver tightly integrated, industry-first solutions to give companies the competitive advantage necessary in today's rapidly changing business environment."

"Our customers rely on Oracle and Sun to deliver a joint clustered solution that meets their critical scalability and availability demands," said Doug Kennedy, vice president, Platform Alliances, Platform Technology Division, Oracle Corporation. "The expansion to 4-node cluster support and integration with Sun's RSMAPI furthers our joint vision of delivering a high-performing and reliable cluster platform that considers business needs now and into the future."

This article was originally published on Aug 21, 2002
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