NeoCore XMS 2.6 Delivers Self-Constructing Native XML Database for Solaris

NeoCore Inc. announced version 2.6 of its core product, NeoCore XML Information Management System (XMS), a self-constructing native XML database that is designed to reduce the cost and time to market for dynamic business applications. This release, includes an optimized stand-alone server architecture, substantial support of XQuery and the option for a Solaris 64-bit platform.

According to the company, its NeoCore XMS 2.6 is unique in its ability to meet the demands of businesses with rapidly changing information requirements and the need to support varied - even heterogeneous - data sets. To accomplish this, NeoCore leverages the natural characteristics of XML and couples that with the company's Digital Pattern Processing (DPP) technology that should enable a faster and simpler development capability. It is DPP at the core of XMS that may let NeoCore boast an impressive performance and a very low footprint for both the software and the database. Self-Constructing XML Database supports XQuery and Solaris 64-bit Platform, which may enhance the product's rapid application development capabilities.

NeoCore XMS 2.6 product enhancements include the following:

  • Support of XQuery, enabling a set of standards-based query capabilities
  • A standalone server architecture that increases the product's extensibility and simplifies installation and management
  • Support for the Solaris 64-bit platform, providing increased address space and capacity to scale
  • EJB to integrate with J2EE architectures, providing a standard J2EE interface to facilitate scaling and access to advanced XML processing
  • HTTP interface to provide a formatted URI method for Web Services capability, instant integration to other applications, and an ability to create lightweight client applications
    Increased query and store performance to power applications

The company says that the use of NeoCore XMS as an XML information store means a significantly shortened and simplified development process for the business. Because XMS is self-constructing and can index information automatically at every level, customers have been able to realize an average of 50 percent decrease in application development cost; and those savings get better over time because the XMS database adapts easily to change.

NeoCore XMS 2.6 will be available Aug. 30. The Standard Edition, for 32-bit platforms, is priced at $20,000 per CPU. The Professional Edition, for 64-bit platforms, is $30,000 per CPU. For more information, call 719/226-7000 or visit www.neocore.com.

This article was originally published on Aug 20, 2002
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