Emulex PCI-X Host Bus Adapter Achieves Solaris Ready Certification

Emulex Corporation, a supplier of storage networking host bus adapters (HBAs), announced that its LightPulse LP9402DC dual channel PCI-X HBA has achieved the Solaris Ready Certification from Sun Microsystems. The Emulex 2Gb/s Dual Channel PCI-X HBA promises to provide robust connectivity for fibre channel SANs.

The Emulex LP9402DC dual channel PCI-X HBA is designed to support 2Gb/s fibre channel data rates on both channels, providing increased bandwidth capacity for emerging PCI-X servers connecting to storage area networks (SANs). Emulex HBAs also offer firmware upgradeability that should protect customers' investments and a driver architecture that enables compatibility of a single driver across Emulex's entire product line, which may reduce SAN management complexity while lowering the customer's total cost of ownership. In addition, the LP9402DC is designed to be compatible with legacy 1Gb/s SANs, and features automatic speed negotiation.

Emulex LightPulse family of Fibre Channel HBAs are designed to offer full fabric support, high data integrity, full-duplex operation, data buffering for up to 100km of cabling and support for all Fibre Channel topologies. The Emulex LightPulse family of Fibre Channel products includes the 2Gb/s LP9802 and LP982 PCI-X HBAs, the 2Gb/s LP9002L and LP952L PCI HBAs, the 2Gb/s LP9002C CompactPCI HBA, the 2Gb/s LP9002S SBus-based HBA and the market-leading LP8000.

The Solaris Ready program provides customers with a recognizable symbol for tested Solaris network server solutions from third-party providers. To receive the Solaris Ready designation, products must complete a rigorous testing process conducted by an independent testing laboratory. Products are evaluated for interoperability, platform support, Solaris platform compliance, ease-of-installation, driver compatibility and product documentation.

This article was originally published on Aug 20, 2002
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