New Version: ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite (ARS)

IP Infusion, a provider of network software for enhanced IP services, announced the availability of version 4.2 of its ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite (ARS). According to the company, it has expanded the product's advanced IP routing and switching solutions to include MPLS Layer 2 Virtual Circuit support. The MPLS Layer 2 Virtual Circuit feature is integrated into the ZebOS ARS product and complements IP Infusion's current MPLS BGP-VPN capabilities. This source code software solution is also integrated with IP Infusion's OSPF, BGP, RIP, and IS-IS protocol modules. IP Infusion expands the product's advanced IP routing and switching solutions to include MPLS Layer 2 Virtual Circuit support and offers Solaris dependant modules.

The company says that its ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite (ARS) MPLS Layer 2 Virtual Circuit (VC) is an implementation of two IETF Martini drafts, l2circuit transport and l2circuit encapsulation. It encapsulates Ethernet frames from a local LAN, at the MPLS ingress, into an MPLS LSP tunnel and de-encapsulates at the PE egress. MPLS Layer 2 VC should enable customers to extend their LAN to across an MPLS WAN transparently.

The MPLS Layer2 VC is modular source code software that is designed to assist OEM customers to deliver their products in a timely manner to market. It is fully integrated into the ZebOS Network Services Module (NSM) and the ZebOS LDP protocol modules, is written in ANSI C and has been ported to a variety of operating systems.

IP Infusion's ZebOS family of advanced IP routing suites are based on a modular, multi-process architecture that features control-plane components that provide route redistribution and conversion, management services, and an OS/processor abstraction layer for routing and switching modules. The routing software is designed to feature IPv4 and IPv6 versions of OSPF, BGP, and RIP routing protocols; MPLS, BGP-VPN, RSVP-TE, and CR-LDP switching and signaling protocols; and Mobile IP, routing redundancy, multicast, and virtual routing support.

ZebOS software suites may be delivered as either portable, platform-independent source code, or in server solutions, which can be used to support proprietary systems and includes a number of OS dependant modules to quickly build on Solaris, Linux, BSD, VxWorks, OSE, and other popular operating systems.

"This 4.2 release adds support for the IETF's Martini draft standard to our ZebOS Advanced Routing Suite (ARS) family," said Nick Keating, President and CEO of IP Infusion.(Martini draft is a widely used draft standard protocol on an MPLS network.) "Support of this feature will assist service providers and telecommunications customers in delivering VPN services. IP Infusion now has both Layer 2 and Layer 3 MPLS-VPN support, which provides the flexibility that our OEM customers need to deliver full support to their customers."

ZebOS ARS Version 4.2 is available immediately for delivery. For further details, please visit the company's web site at www.ipinfusion.com.

This article was originally published on Aug 13, 2002
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