Integration Solutions for Java and C++

Codemesh, a provider of language integration solutions, and my-Channels, announced that they will partner to provide integration solutions for Java and C++. The agreement states that both Codemesh and my-Channels will offer their customers end-to-end Java and C++ integrated messaging solutions. With the goal of avoiding the complexities and confusion of integrating business software components, the newly announced solution is designed to facilitate the process while providing a stable and supported environment. A new partnership promises integration solutions for Java and C++. The Solaris version of Codemesh's JMS Courier should let programmers move C++ components into JMS environments and is available now for evaluation.

According to the companies, when programmers use the bundled my-Channels' Nirvana and Codemesh's JMS Courier solution, they should experience quicker development cycles and develop integrated solutions that run faster and are more reliable. With fewer integration bottlenecks, programmers may feel free to use Java and C++, knowing that they may more easily work together.

JMS Courier provides the C++ integration. Because JMS Courier performs the integration work, programmers shouldn't have to worry about coding in low-level interface languages or handling fragile code.

On the other hand, Nirvana provides the messaging. Nirvana is designed to be a fast, complete, reliable, scalable, and flexible real-time message oriented middleware solution. Furthermore, the companies say that Nirvana overcomes the integration related problems associated with existing technologies, and delivers functionality across J2ME and J2EE environments.

JMS Courier Release 1.1 for Solaris is now available for evaluation. Customers can submit requests at http://www.codemesh.com/en/evaluation_jmscourier.html. Nirvana 2.0 developer edition is freely downloadable at http://www.my-channels.com/downloads/.

This article was originally published on Aug 6, 2002
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