July 2002 Netcraft Survey Highlights

The Netcraft Web Server Survey is a survey of Web Server software usage on the Internet. Netcraft received responses to its July 2002 survey from 37,235,470 sites. This is a dip from June's peak of 38.8 million sites that is lower than May's previous low of 37.6 million.

Apache, Microsoft, Zeus, and iPlanet remained the key players with shares of 57.62 percent, 31.87 percent, 2.11 percent, and 1.33 percent, respectively. The number of servers decreased across the board for all of the key players except Microsoft. The results from the July 2002 Netcraft Web Server Survey are in. Results for the July survey were compiled from responses received from more than 37.2 million Web sites. This is a dip from June's peak of 38.8 million sites that is lower than May's previous low of 37.6 million.

NT-specific servers accounted for 32.11 percent, an increase from the previous month's 29.20 percent. Apache-specific servers accounted for 59.18 percent, a decrease from June's 61.18 percent. Macintosh-specific servers again decreased, this time from 1.02 to 0.32.

Of the servers surveyed, 18,406,482, or 49.43 percent, had .com domains. This is the first time in the survey's six years that the amount of .com domains has fallen below 50 percent. According to Netcraft, the proportion of the survey based under .com has steadily decreased from around two-thirds in 1996 to less than half. Netcraft attributes this to registration in ccTLDs becoming more straightforward and the speculative registration of .com domains unwinding.

July Results
Server No. of
Servers in Use
Market Share No. of Servers
With .com domains
Apache21,453,49857.62% 9,007,069
Unknown492,165 1.32% 268,782
Netscape-Enterprise479,494 1.29% 201,278
thttpd350,3840.94% 2,388
tigershark275,7380.74% 207,005
WebSTAR107,5670.29% 59,024
Lotus Domino75,6020.20% 28,924
Netscape FastTrack Server11,5490.03%4,688
Enterprise for NetWare8,4930.02% 2,458
Roxen WebServer6,1680.02% 2,295
AOLServer5,8870.02% 3,976
NCSA HTTPd5,2350.01% 1,209
OmniHTTPd Pro3,5650.01%1,062
Personal Web Server2500.00% 50
Savant 2430.00% 113
Tcl Web Server 860.00% 39
Jigsaw590.00% 22
vqServer560.00% 28
GoAhead480.00% 23

This article was originally published on Aug 1, 2002
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